Announcing the LUC 48 Hour Film Contest

Leamington Underground Cinema presents an exciting new filmmaking event: Our first, completely free to enter, 48 Hour Film Contest.

We will be challenging you (and any friends you may have) to make a short film from scratch based on a randomly generated genre over the two day period between 7.30pm on Friday 30th October and Sunday 1st November. In addition to your genre, you will also be give a line of dialogue and a prop which must both be included in your film.

You don’t need any prior experience or filmmaking knowledge, just access to a camera, some way of editing your footage and a bundle of enthusiasm for making a movie over a wild 48 hours.

All entries will be screened during the LUC Festival 2015, with the winning film receiving a prize of £100 and five sets of tickets to the LUC Short Film Prize 2015 and our closing feature screening, Wildlike.

Check out all the info and rules on our 48 Hour Film Contest page.

If you’d like to register to take part please e-mail us at


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