Evil dead 2 1000pxHere is some info about the screening this Friday to help you prepare yourselves for this journey into the terrifying dimension of horror unleashed by the Necronomicon…

First thing to say is this: This event is completely sold out. There are no tickets available on the door. Never fear if you have missed out this time – we will hopefully arrange another similar screening sometime soon.

Timings: We will be opening the doors (or in this case gates) at 6pm, the feature will start at bang on 7pm.

Food and Drink: There will be hot food on offer in the form of The Flying Cows who will be serving awesome burgers for both carnivorous and vegetarian tastes. plus there will be a bar serving mulled wine, beer & soft drinks. Please do not bring your own food and drink.

Seating: If you can, please bring something along to sit on – Thanks to the kind people from Playing The Field, there will be a limited amount of communal bench seating available, but if you have your own camping/fold out chairs please bring them along so you can enjoy the blood curdling horror in the comfort of your own personal space. There will be plenty of space for setting up your own seating or for those that want to bring a blanket/groundsheet and sit on the floor.

Getting to the venue: Please check out the foundry wood web site for location info:

Parking: There is parking available near the foundry woods at Victoria park or near the big pet shop on the other side of the road. Please note: we do not suggest parking at Morrisons as we hear they really don’t like people doing that. There is also a bike rack at the venue if you are feeling healthy.

Clothing: Please wear sturdy shoes or boots and dress to keep warm and dry. No chainsaws or boomsticks are permitted.

Other stuff: Although we will have lighting and marshalls, it will be dark so If you have a torch you want to bring please do. If you are of any religious faith at all please carry out any rituals or prayer that will have a positive effect on the weather!

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