LUC FESTIVAL 2015 – Give your feedback & win a prize

GIVE US FEEDBACK & WIN A PRIZE (even if you didn’t actually go to any of the festival)

Now that the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival 2015 is all over bar the shouting, cleaning up, harassment lawsuits and bitter tears – we thought we should probably see what everyon made of it.

We want to hear from absolutely everyone with any feedback, not just those who were able to come along. All the info that you can give us will help shape the development of the festival in the coming years.

The survey is dead quick to fill in and to help motivate you further, all respondents will be entered into a draw for a bundle of cinematic goodies that we have found lurking in the bunker’s lost and found locker.

Just click on the tasteful large ‘GIVE FEEDBACK’ below and you’ll be taken to the survey. many thanks in advance for your input.


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