LUC FESTIVAL 2015: Closing Credits

The hard working staff of the 2015 Leamington Underground Cinema Festival have just emerged from the induced coma state that they were placed in for their own protection last weekend.

As they are gradually rehabilitated in the bunker’s state of the art ice bath chamber, we thought it was time that we gave credit where credit is due and celebrated all of those that made this year’s festival a success.

Please use your mouse to slowly scroll down the screen while listening to something suitably cinematic…


LUC Fest Technical & Logistics crew

Pip Burley

Freda Ellis

Florence Ellis

Paul Kennedy

Nick Mew

Playing The Field


Crowd Control

Kristie Naimo

Rhiannon Davies

Cornelia Ellis


Official Mouthpiece

Frankie Griffiths



Jonny Roden & Jon Blackford

Lewis & Charlotte + Hinksmans

Florence Ellis

Tim Ellis of Laserbun

Nic Pillai

Mike McCahill

Paul Cuff

Michael Pigott

Matt Denny

Patrick Pilkington

Charlotte Stevens

Joseph Wallace


Art, Propaganda & Festival Director

Christine Cuddihy


Dark Overlord

Jim Morton



LAMP – Leamington Arts and Music Project

The Drawing Board

Playing The Field

Chicken Shed Records


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