The Tidings Of Restless Nell to screen at both Foundry Wood events

In light of the fact that we feel it is important to educate the masses as much as possible (and because it is ace) – we will now be showing Professor Daniel Winchester’s film about the ‘paralysingly disturbing’ case of The Tidings Of Restless Nell at both events.

Join the esteemed academic, filmmaker and all round expert on the paranormal to learn about a dark secret from the untold, occult history of Leamington Spa that links a centuries old tragedy to a mysterious suicide and the satanic rituals of Aleister Crowley.

For bothe screenings, doors (or more accurately ‘gates’ will open at 7.30 and film action will commence at 8.30pm. Dog Soldiers on Saturday is sold out, but at the time of writing there are a few tickets left for The Blair Witch Project tomorrow. Grab them from:

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.41.15.png


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