LUC Briefings – beginning Friday 20th January


As you may have noticed, Leamington Underground Cinema has been in cold storage for a few months – we had to put the glorious central committee into cryogenics for a fixed period due to tax issues and a genuine fear of Trump based atomic warfare.

Unfortunately, the Disney company and the British royal family have been buying up all the reserves of liquid nitrogen, so we’ve had no choice but to thaw everyone out and get on with things in the face of the inevitable global meltdown. Happy New Year.

We don’t do new years resolutions here in the bunker, partially because such things are  the  meaningless constructs of a semi-delusional  consumer society, but mostly because living in a subterranean lair means that the bunker staff have no idea whatsoever of the passing of time – most of them still think Palm Pilots are a thing.

Never the less, to mark the start of a new year, we are launching a new bi-weekly bulletin, the LUC Briefing, beginning on Friday the 20th of January. Each briefing will be based on a particular subject and how it is affecting the world of cinema, movies and LUC. The subject of the first briefing will be: Robots.

To  get the new LUC briefing delivered directly to you, sign up for the LUC Mailing List at once – or  if you have already signed up – wait patiently for the next 120 hours.



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