Leamington Underground Cinema presents


Leamington Underground Cinema is once again throwing open an exciting creative contest, challenging you to make a short film in just 48 hours.

We want you (and any friends you may have) to make a miniature movie from scratch over the two day period from 7.30pm on Friday 28th April to 7.30pm on Sunday 30th April.

To make things entertaining, each team will be given a random genre of film to make as well as a line of dialogue and prop that must feature in the finished film.

You don’t need any prior experience or filmmaking knowledge, just access to a camera, some way of editing your footage and a bundle of enthusiasm for making a movie over a wild and probably sleepless 48 hours.

All entries will be screened at the Clarendon on Friday 5th May from 7pm. It costs £10 to per team to enter and the best film, as judged by our shadowy elite jury, will win a prize of £150.


To take part in the contest you need to register your team by Sunday 23rd April – you can do this by emailing with your name, your team name and how many people are likely to be in your team, please use the subject line “REGISTERING FOR THE 48 HOUR FILM CONTEST”

All teams (or at least one representative) will convene at 7.00pm on Friday 28th April at The Clarendon in Leamington Spa where in exchange for their £10 entry fee, they will be randomly assigned a genre for their entry as well as a line of dialogue and prop that must feature in the finished film.


As stated above the deadline for registering a team to enter is Sunday 23rd April. Your team can have as many/few members as you like. Entry is £10 per team. Anyone taking part under the age of 16 must have the written permission of their parent/guardian.

Films will be made during the 48 hours between on Friday 28th April and 7.30pm on Sunday 30th April 2017

Entries must be between 1 minute and five minutes long – this includes any opening/closing credits.

Your film must fit the genre that you are assigned and must somehow include the line of dialogue and prop that you are given.

All films must include the LUC 48 Hour Film Contest title card that we will supply to you.

Your film must be all your own work, or make use of public domain materials. Please do not use any copyrighted footage or music in your entry.

Please ensure you have the permission of everyone who appears in your film – you are responsible for ensuring this.

Finished entries must be submitted before 7.30pm on Sunday 30th April to the LUC representative on station at The Clarendon pub in Leamington Spa. Entries can be submitted using any of the following methods:

  • On DVD
  • On Bluray
  • Uploaded to Youtube/Vimeo and a link provided to by the deadline
  • On USB stick (any mainstream file format is fine)

All entries will be screened at the Clarendon on Friday 5th May, beginning at 7.00pm, entry to the screening is free so please bring all your friends to see your masterwork. The winner will be announced after all the films have been shown. The winner will be chosen by our elite judging panel. Their decision is final, binding and deeply, deeply meaningful.

The winning team will win £150 in cold hard cash and some sort of exciting trophy. The management of The Clarendon has asked us to say that you should feel free to spend your winnings on several rounds of drinks.

If less than five teams have registered by the deadline of 23rd April then LUC may decide to cancel the contest.

LUC reserves the right to not screen any entries that contain any illegal, wildly offensive or copyrighted material. So no nazi themed pornography please.


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