Videodrome – the cold hard cash breakdown

Hope everyone enjoyed (or at least was intrigued by) the screening of Videodrome last night. Had some really good feedback and there is definitely a desire for more alternative and non-mainstream film screenings soon – from the trailers we showed it sounds like Dellamorte Dellamore, could be a popular choice.

As promised for those who are interested in this sort of thing, or are interested in putting on their own events, here is a breakdown of the numbers for the Videodrome screening on Sunday 7th:

  • We sold 50 tickets at £4 each, so income is: £200
  • We spent £38.50 promoting and marketing the event (flyers and facebook ads)
  • The cost of the venue and the licence from the distributor for screening the film totalled £294.98
  • So our costs are: £332.98
  • Therefore our overall outcome is a loss of £132.98.

Don’t start weeping uncontrollably for us yet, we weren’t expecting to make any money from this first screening. We are very optimistic that we can grow the audience up from 50 but obviously losing over a hundred quid a time isn’t going to be sustainable. For future screenings our options are:

  1. Increase ticket prices – To break even at the Spa Centre for an audience of 50 we would need to charge £8 (if this seems inconsistent with the costs above it is because film licensing works on a percentage of takings).
  2. Get more people in – To break even…
    • at £4 a ticket we would need an audience of 97
    • at £5 a ticket we would need an audience of 78
    • at £6 a ticket we would need an audience of 65
    • at £7 a ticket we would need an audience of 56
    • at £8 a ticket we would need an audience of 49
  3. Use a different venue – Unless we do pop-up screenings somewhere like North Hall, there aren’t many options in Leamington that can compete with the Spa Centre cinema in terms of capacity (160 seats) and convenience – its all ready to use, everyone knows how to get there and they have proper raked seating and modern screening equipment. The Vue is far more expensive (and everyone hates it), Temperance has a good screening room, but it is much smaller and not raked (if you want to do a film night I’d make them your first port of call) and Warwick Arts is now closed. Pop-up screenings are much cheaper in terms of hire, but require much more time and effort to set up and have more propensity for problems – so its a bit of a trade off.
  4. Negotiate a better/different deal with the Spa Centre – I’m working on that!
  5. Spend less on marketing – obviously this is double edged and the cost/benefit of facebook marketing is opaque at best, but I think a budget of £20/£30 to spread the word is necessary. The local press etc are generally uninterested in promoting this sort of thing until a day or two before.

LUC will be sending round a survey via the mailing list and social media in the next day or so to get views on ticket prices and marketing, so if you get the chance please fill that in as it will be really helpful. Alternatively give us a shout at with any thoughts – and if they contain less than the usual level of disturbing violent imagery and suggestions about doing a secret cinema screening of all of the Twilight films then we may get back to you.




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