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Today at #LUCFEST: Arts Journalism, crazed bird attacks and live music

Arts journal 1000pxWe’ve got a great pair of events lined up for the second evening of the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival. First of at 6pm is a free workshop for all aspiring arts writers and critics. Mike McCahill will be in conversation with Dr Nic Pillai in the Pump rooms Annexe for How To Become An Arts Journalist (At a time when nobody wants the arts or journalists).

Seating will be limited for this event so please arrive on time to make sure of a space.

Then, just round the corner at Zephyr Lounge, doors open at 8pm for a very special screening of the so terribly bad, it is absolutely hilarious BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror! This screening will be preceeded by some fantastic short films and a set from Leamington’s foremost indie/art three piece The Rosenberg Appeal.

Join us for both – there is probably no better film for you to try out your burgeoning film reviewing talents!

Tickets for Birdemic are £5 on the door, or buy in advance to avoid disappointment:

Birdemic POSTER 1000px

Announcements LUC Festival LUC Festival 2014

Revised #LUCFEST Programme!

As you can imagine, the LUC Bunker has been at DEFCON 1 the last few days since we learnt that Warwick District Council had decided to close LAMP, one of our key venues, with absolutely no notice at all. Once the wailing, gunfire and general rioting had calmed down, we were able to use our covert festival organising squad to set about salvaging as much of the affected events as possible.

The unfortunate news is that, with the time available, we just weren’t able to relocate the theatrical, dramatic events planned for the opening evening – so Call of Cthulhu has been postponed to a later date.

The better news is that the other events planned for LAMP will go ahead at new venues. Our exciting, educational and above all free to attend ‘How to become an arts journalist…” event will now take place in the swanky surrounds of The Royal Pup Rooms Annexe at 6pm on Thursday 9th October. Then on Friday 10th, our musical bill of Mistaken For Strangers, followed by music headlined by the Swaps, moves just round the corner to The Zephyr Lounge.

The best news is that all other events are entirely unaffected. But here is a newly revised poster anyway…


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Join us for the ultimate cult double bill: HARDWARE & DARKMAN

Hardware POSTER 1000pxJoin LUC at the spa centre cinema on Wednesday 8th October from 7pm for two darkly entertaining cult gems from 1990 – a time when visionary directors like Richard Stanley and Sam Raimi didn’t have to water down their films to make sure of a 12A rating. In addition to these two great movies, there will be a short selection of underground shorts competing for the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014 and an intermission to stretch your legs. Tickets are just £5 for this movie marathon for the discerning film fan.

HARDWARE (1990) is an amazingly stylish post-apocalyptic sci-fi horror movie. The plot involves the seemingly shutdown head of a army robot which reactivates and rebuilds itself after it is used in an art installation – violent problems ensue. An overlooked masterpiece with a belting soundtrack and cameos from Lemmy and Iggy Pop – this is not to be missed.

DARKMAN (1990) Made between Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, this twisted superhero tale contains bucketloads of Sam Raimi’s inventive camera tricks and hallucinogenic visuals. Liam Neeson has never been better than he is in the title role: an unhinged, genius scientist taking cunning revenge on the gangsters who burned him alive and left him for dead.

Check out the amazing trailers below…

LUC Festival LUC Festival 2014 Screenings

Don’t Miss BIRDEMIC plus The Rosenberg Appeal at #LUCFEST

A part of the programme for this years Leamington Underground Cinema Festival – we are screening the legendary BIRDEMIC: SHOCK & TERROR on Thursday 9th October at The Zephyr Lounge. Joining the bill for the evening will be Leamington’s foremost musical trio and saviours of Art Rock, The Rosenberg Appeal, who will be playing a very special set for your aural entertainment.

There are bad films, there are terrible films, there are the sort of films that make you want to go and live in a cave with only the angry voices in your head for company… then there is BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror.

Ostensibly your average straight-faced romantic drama monster disaster movie (with an amazingly subtle environmental subtext). Birdemic is the tale of star-crossed lovers Rod and Nathalie caught up in a terrifying plague of killer birds. This is a film so intrinsically, hilariously flawed in every possible way that it has to be seen to be believed.

MARVEL! At the special effects that look like they were done on a commodore 64
GASP! At the nail-biting action sequences involving coat hangers
SWOON! At Rod’s romantic pursuit of Nathalie – which comes across like a man with serious head injuries stalking a woman with very poor judgement
THRILL! To the infamous boardroom clapping scene that goes on for far too long.

Don’t take our word for it, check the trailer below and then grab tickets for the bargain price of 4.95 from this link right here

events LUC Festival LUC Festival 2014 Screenings

30 tickets left for the #LUCFEST opening night

Cthulhu POSTER 1000pxWe are kicking off the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival in style on the evening of Tuesday 7th October at LAMP.

A very special screening of the HPLHS silent movie version of the classic Call Of Cthulhu will be accompanied by a live score specially composed for the occasion by Florence Ellis and performed by an all star line-up of local musical heroes. Accompanying this special event will be a selection of brilliant short films competing for the Aspect Consultant LUC Short Film Prize 2014.

If you want to be sure of your seat at this exciting event, please get your tickets as soon as possible – there are just 30 left as this is being typed. You can get them online at – where you can also purchase tickets for other events for the festival…

LUC Festival LUC Festival 2014

Still time to advertise at the #LUCFEST

LUC fest 2014 MAIN POSTER 1000pxIf you missed out on being a kickstarter sponsor, but still fancy associating your company or organisation with the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival in October, read on…

To keep the slightly nervous looking people in the LUC finance dept happy, we are offering the opportunity to get your company name/logo displayed in full cinematic glory on-screen at the start of each event during the festival as well as being listed as a festival supporter in the printed and on-line programme. In line with the pledge levels offered during our funding campaign the cost for this will be an eminently reasonable £100. There are seven cool screening events across the five days of the festival with a total potential audience of over 900 people across all events.

So you can raise awareness of your brand to the most savvy, cutting edge and culturally refined consumers in the local area and help to support an up and coming film festival to boot.

If you are interested please drop us a line at

Additionally if you are interested in placing an advert in the programme, please get in touch to discuss further. The deadline for getting involved is the end of next week, Friday 26th September.

LUC Festival LUC Festival 2014

#LUCFEST Announcer Book Update

As promised, after our festival trailer got to 100 views in extra quick time we rewarded our captive announcer with a book to read – when we get to 500 he gets to have a look at the internet for the first time in quite a while. Remember if the trailer gets 3000 views we will #FreeTheLUCAnnouncer.

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Watch the festival trailer and reward our announcer

Check out the slightly shoddy trailer that has just been set upon the internet by the mouth breathers in the LUC IT Department. Once again our dependable announcer has been woken from his slumber to star in another dodgy video to inform you of the exciting events occurring at the forthcoming #LUCFEST 2014.

To motivate and reward him this time we will be providing incentives for all of you to view and share this promotional item as widely as possible. Said rewards will be triggered after a certain amount of views of the trailer – full details are contained within – it could even lead us to have to #FreeTheLUCAnnouncer (!)

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Aspiring Arts Journalist? Don’t miss our free #LUCFEST workshop with film critic Mike McCahill

We’re delighted to be hosting this exclusive workshop for aspiring writers at LAMP during the LUC Festival – unfortunately any veteran readers of the now passed-into-legend paper-jam web site will know that such guidance and advice has come far too late for me.

How to become an arts journalist*   *(at a time when nobody wants the arts, or journalists)

Ever wanted to get into arts journalism, but wondered how you might go about it? Writer and broadcaster Mike McCahill discusses his career as a film critic – both in print for the Guardian and Telegraph and online for MovieMail – and dispenses useful practical tips for aspirant scribes in what’s guaranteed to be a lively and informative event.

Mike will be in discussion with Dr Nic Pillai – a lecturer in Film and Television Studies at the University of Warwick. His book Jazz as Visual Language: Film, Television and the Dissonant Image will be published by I. B. Tauris in 2015.


Arts journal 1000px

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The Double completes the #LUCFEST 2014 programme

The final piece of our festival puzzle is complete – our generally feckless and lazy bookings department have redeemed themselves by securing a screening of Richard Ayoade’s brilliant movie, The Double.

We’ve ranted previously about how good this film is – and a screening in the grand surroundings of the Royal Pump Rooms is definitely something to look forward to. You can get tickets right now on the internet for just £5 (or £4.95 to be precise) we recommend that you do this at your earliest convenience. If you need any convincing, have a look at the trailer below.

The double POSTER