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Remote Control Film Night 14

Leamington Underground Cinema presents another free online film night that you can enjoy from absolutely everywhere, except perhaps some of those scary countries with mad dictators like North Korea and America.

On the evening of Thursday 19th October we will be curating a selection of the finest, strangest and most entertaining short film entertainment from around the internet. There may also be a creative challenge or two to get invoved in…

The fun will begin at 7.30pm GMT, please ensure you’ve been to the toilet before we start and remain at least 5% above horizontal throughout – it is for your own safety.

You can join in in on the Leamington Underground Cinema Facebook page or by following our twitter feed at

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THEY WALK AMONGST US – The extra terrestrial infiltration of Leamington Spa

“In the year 1970 – a seemingly ordinary local politician led a scheme to build a bizarre transmission device on the site of Newbold Comyn in Leamington Spa. What was it for ? What were his plans? And Why did he suddenly disappear? The answers all lie out there – deep in the night sky.”

Professor Daniel Winchester returns to detail another disturbing incident in the paranormal history of Leamington Spa. This time he turns his focus to an alien conspiracy from beyond the stars.

This film was initially screened as part of the Leamington Camouflage Festival 2016 at a special event in Foundry Wood.

Also check the professor’s previous work on The Tidings Of Restless Nell

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The Tidings Of Restless Nell. Watch online now.

This searing short film, exposing the previously unknown occult history of Leamington Spa was screened at our Fright In Foundry Wood event on the 6th & 7th of May.

Professor Daniel Winchester has now permitted us to put this film on-line in an attempt to educate those in the local area and beyond about the potential ghostly dangers relating to The Tidings Of Restless Nell…

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Next up on 19th May: Remote Control Film Night v12

LUC reaches the grand old age of five years on 19th May, to commemorate this auspicious anniversary, we will be presenting what appears to be the twelfth Remote Control Film Night.

For the uninitiated, this is a free online evening of short film action and related activities which you can enjoy from the comfort of your own room, cabin, cell, tent or capsule by visiting the LUC Facebook Page or Twitter Feed from 8pm on the 19th.

For the initiated – you know what you are getting yourselves into.

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Remote Control Film Night v12

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After sticking their heads above ground for the cinematic jamboree of the LUC Festival 2015 – our bunker staff have retreated back to our subterranean lair to prepare the broadcast of another Remote Control Film Night.

For the uninitiated, this is a free one-night film event that you can enjoy from wherever you happen to be as long as you are connected to the internet in some way – pc, laptop, game console, phone, tablet or experiment cranial implant – any will do.

From 7.45 (UK Time) the LUC facebook page and twitter feed (@LeamUCinema) will be punting out all sorts of short film treats for you to enjoy, as well as some competitive and creative interactive elements for you all to join in with and pretend that you are actually out socialising instead of sitting in front of the TV in your underwear.

You can join in at any time during the evening, but we recommend that if you want to join in fully then you have the following ready in good time:

– Plenty to drink
– suitably unhealthy snacks/dominos flyer
– a clear path to the toilet, or bucket
– some plain paper/card and at least one pen, other art materials if you have them
– an elastic band or some string
-first aid kit


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Bollocks To Valentines Day 2 – A Remote Control Film Night

b2vd2Valentines Day. Sigh. What a nightmare. Probably the most soul-sapping day of the year. A contrived, lonely and ultimately depressing experience for a significant proportion of the population…

It’s also quite rubbish if you are single (make your own comedy drum roll noise here please).

The LUC glorious central committee may be a bunch of stoic, stony faced hopeless romantics – but we’re just as sick of it as everyone else.

So for the second year running we present a very special on-line remote control film night that sticks two fingers up to Thorntons, waves its bum at Interflora and yells “Bollocks” to Valentines Day. Again.

Join us on Saturday 14th February from the comfort of your house, hotel room or secure unit – the fun takes place on the LUC Facebook page or Twitter (@LeamUCinema #rcfnight) from 8pm. Expect a cavalcade of hand-picked cinematic treats and, almost certainly, the return of the patented and deeply worrying “LUC Love Limerick Competition”.

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5 things to watch ASAP before US Netflix gets blocked (possibly)

Netflix’s greatest achievement hasn’t been changing the way that TV is consumed, or challenging the established orthodoxy of movie distribution. No. Netflix’s greatest achievement is that it has made normal people everywhere in the UK become technical gurus – messing about with Proxy Servers and holding all manner of conversations about DNS settings.

The fact that with a bit of tweaking you can augment the somewhat sparse selection with the US catalogue means that suddenly even your gran is suddenly interested in fiddling with IP address configuration.

News has emerged all over the place in the last few days that these glory days of technical tinkering and expansive film entertainment may be coming to an end. So before they slap up the digital blockade, here are the things that you should enjoy as soon as you can…

1. Snowpiercer

Awesome, inventive and brutal sci-fi fable about revolution on an eternally running train – still not been released in the UK for some reason. Not to be missed, Tilda Swinton gives one of the all-time brilliant eccentric performances.

2. The Master

Not quite as good as There Will Be Blood, but still a unique and absorbing character study by PT Anderson. Joaquin Phoenix is genuinely amazing, caught up in the birth of something very akin to Scientology.

3. Louie

Confusingly titled genius anti-sitcom written, edited, directed, produced and starring Louis C.K. (who does the catering and make-up as well probably). Beltingly funny one moment, maudlin or thoughtful the next. There’s three series to get through, but at 20 minutes an episode you can do it in a weekend if needed.

4. I Saw The Devil

The Ne Plus Ultra of Korean revenge films. Choi Min Sik (from Oldboy) portrays quite possibly the most unpleasant character you have ever seen on film – a serial killer who is brutalised to almost comedic levels by the fiance of one of his victims. Very hard to watch, but somehow worthwhile. If you can prove that you watched the whole thing, the filmmakers will send you a commemorative badge which reads “I Saw I Saw The Devil”.

5. The Act Of Killing

An incredible documentary about what happen when the bad guys win. The film challenges those who too part in the Indonisian “anti-communist” purges in the 1960’s to re-enact their crimes in the style of old Hollywood movies. An incredibly strange, important and ultimately haunting film.

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Watch the festival trailer and reward our announcer

Check out the slightly shoddy trailer that has just been set upon the internet by the mouth breathers in the LUC IT Department. Once again our dependable announcer has been woken from his slumber to star in another dodgy video to inform you of the exciting events occurring at the forthcoming #LUCFEST 2014.

To motivate and reward him this time we will be providing incentives for all of you to view and share this promotional item as widely as possible. Said rewards will be triggered after a certain amount of views of the trailer – full details are contained within – it could even lead us to have to #FreeTheLUCAnnouncer (!)

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Join LUC on Facebook or Twitter (where the hashtag #rcfnight will get an airing) this evening for the 9th instalment of our stay-in-and-watch-films-on-the-internet sensation – The Remote Control Film Night.

As usual our vast subterranean ex-soviet super computer LUCIFER has selected all manner of interesting stuff for your viewing pleasure – the fun starts at 8pm – plenty of time to get the beer in the fridge, order a pizza and lock the kids in the attic.

Also have your artistic tendencies on standby if you would like to win free games at the next film bingo event!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA