The Leamington Underground Festival 2015 took place from the 7th to 14th November at venues around the town. Here is all the stuff that happened…

Zero effect POSTER 1000PXZERO EFFECT (1998) + UNLOCK SHERLOCK film talk // Saturday 7th November // NORTH HALL 

The third Leamington Underground Cinema Festival opens at North Hall with a screening of cult detective mystery Zero Effect. Bill Pullman stars as the enigmatic and brilliant Darryl Zero, the world’s greatest and most secretive detective, who is investigating a particularly complicated case of blackmail and murder.

Before the the film we have a special treat in the form of ‘Unlock Sherlock’ a talk and panel discussion of the history of the great detective in film. Speakers will include Nic Pillai and Mike McCahill amongst others.

DESERT ISLAND FILMS //Saturday 7th November // Desert island films POSTER 1000PXNORTH HALL 
What makes a good film? This irreverent and lively discussion will pit film journalists, bloggers and academics against each other as they argue over questions of value and pleasure at the movies.
Each contributor will defend a beloved but neglected or reviled film before the discussion is opened out to the audience. Expect the atmosphere of a Radio 4 panel show, but with more discussion of shaky sets, sketchy dialogue and the all important gore-joke ratio. May contain indefensible opinions.

Live soundtracks POSTER 1000px

LIVE SOUNDTRACKS //Sunday 8th November // PUMP ROOMS 

This year’s live soundtrack event features 4 composers, each re-scoring a short film for live performance in the magnificent Pump Rooms.

With a diverse range of musical styles and four contrasting films, this unique event promises to be extremely entertaining.

Featuring the captivating folk music of Lewis J. Smith, the weird electronic treat that is Timothy Ellis of Laserbun, contemporary classical solo piano of Florence Ellis and the cinematic compositions of Jonny Roden, this event is not to be missed.

Hard ticket to Hawaii POSTER 1000pxHARD TICKET TO HAWAII //Monday 9th November // THE TOWN HOUSE 

As is often quoted, Jean-Luc Godard once said “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun…”. Then pausing for a quick drag on a Gitanes he continued, “…also it doesn’t hurt if you can squeeze in an exploding blow-up doll, death by frisbee and a giant papier mache snake” – although nobody ever seems to include that bit.

Our feature presentation is the legendary Andy Sidaris picture Hard Ticket To Hawaii, a film combining the shuddering action of Miami Connection, the powerful acting of The Room and the sudden, frequent and inexplicable clothes-less-ness of Samurai Cop. Join an elite DEA task force of kung fu experts and glamour models as they take on a drug kingpin in a plot that also somehow involves diamonds, giant mutated killer snakes and a skateboarding assassin.

What we do in the shadows 1000pxWHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS //Tuesday 10th November //THE DRAWING BOARD 

A very special screening of What We Do In The Shadows, a documentary about four vampire housemates from the creators of Flight Of The Conchords. Commended by The Guardian as “The Best Comedy Of The Year” and “Hilarious” by just about every other film reviewing publication and web site, this is an endearing, yet bloody insight into the trials of being an undead vampire in the modern world.

As well as the film, we will also have music from a suitably vampiric Flight Of The Conchords tribute act fronted by the talented and not at all undead Lewis J. Smith.

For one night only The Drawing Board will be transformed into a suitably gothic pop-up cinema staffed by the creepy undead. So not much change there really.

Southland Tales Fest poster 1000pxWORLD OF TOMORROW & SOUTHLAND TALES //Wednesday 11th November // SPA CENTRE

The Leamington Underground Cinema Festival presents not one, but two unique sci-fi treats from visionary filmmakers Don Hertzfeldt and Richard J Kelly.

First up is award winning animated short World Of Tomorrow, 16 minutes of time bending humour and futuristic pathos. Presented in pristine quality on the big screen, this is seriously unmissable. Then we are delighted to be screening one of the great lost films of recent times. Southland Tales is a misunderstood epic, the story of the pop-culture, post-modern apocalypse starring The Rock, Justin Timberlake and Sarah Michelle Geller. A wildly entertaining, wilfully obscure cult movie of the highest order – like trying to read Finnegans Wake on a rollercoaster.

American movie POSTER 1000pxAMERICAN MOVIE & 48 HOUR FILM PRIZE // Thursday: 12th November // IRISH CLUB 

LUC presents the brilliant, funny and strangely inspiring documentary American Movie plus the entries to our 48 hour filmmaking contest at what promises to be an entertaining evening at St Patrick’s Irish Club.

In this cult-favorite documentary, Mark Borchardt, an aspiring filmmaker from a working-class Wisconsin background, is set on finishing his low-budget horror movie, despite a barrage of difficulties. Plagued by lack of cash, unreliable help and numerous personal problems, Mark wants to complete the film to raise funds for a more ambitious drama. With the assistance of his bumbling but loyal friend Mike Schank, Mark struggles to move forward, making for plenty of bittersweet moments.

As well as this fantastic feature we will be screening all the entries to our first 48 hour filmmaking contest and our elite jury will be selecting the winner.

Evil dead 2 1000pxEVIL DEAD 2 // Friday 13th November // THE FOUNDRY WOOD 

LUC invite adventurous movie fans to brave the elements and venture into The Foundry Wood on Friday 13th November for a spooky outdoor screening of the classic Evil Dead 2.

Watch Bruce Campbell in his most iconic role as Ash battle the evil spirits unleashed by the Necronomicon in this unique Leamington setting.

We are partnering up with The Foundry Wood and Playing The Field for this special screening where both food and drink will be available to keep you warm and steady your nerves!

Film prize POSTER 1000PXLUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2015 // Saturday 14th November // SPA CENTRE 

Once again, the shuddering climax of the Leamington Underground Cinema Festival will be our unique LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2015 awards.

Now in its third year, the LUC Short Film Prize will award £1000 and a unique trophy to the best sub-15 minute film submitted this year. Once again we have had a tremendous response with entries from all around the world.

We will be screening the finalists and announcing the winner at the Spa Centre Cinema in the company of our inimitable host Frankie Griffiths. As usual this is the only awards ceremony that also includes a cool film quiz with marvellous prizes. You don’t get that at Cannes.

Wildlike FEST POSTER 1000pxWILDLIKE // Saturday 14th November // SPA CENTRE 

Already a winner of 30 awards, LUC is delighted to present the superb independent drama Wildlike as the closing film of this year’s festival.

In this thrilling coming-of-age adventure, a troubled teen must face the dangers of the Alaskan wild, as well as her own past, in order to find her way home. Sent to stay with her uncle in Alaska while her mother is in treatment, 14-year-old Mackenzie (Ella Purnell) is forced to flee as her uncle’s attention turns threatening. Unable to reach her mother and afraid that the authorities will return her to her uncle, she embarks on a journey across miles of wilderness to find a way back home to Seattle. As she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior, a chance connection with gruff backpacker Bartlett (Bruce Greenwood) proves to be her only lifeline.

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