Videodrome Tickets available at Underboard

If you tire of the modern digital world and prefer tickets in real physical form, rather than buying via the web you can purchase Videodrome tickets from Underboard Shop on Court Street for £4 each – saving the 40p booking fee too…

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Videodrome 7th October // Spa Centre / £4

After a self imposed hiatus for spiritual, mental and evil commercial reasons, LUC is back to bring some well deserved cult, offbeat and non-mainstream movie action to the culturally starved masses of Leamington Spa.

We are planning a series of ace film screenings at the Spa Centre Cinema over the next few months – starting with  David Cronenberg’s 1983 masterpiece, Videodrome.

We’ve set the ticket price at just £4 because:
– We want to get a really good crowd in so that we can get more screenings lined up (there might even be some trailers at the first screening – you never know)
– These screenings are being run as a completely transparent non-profit exercise – any surplus will be put back into the venue and licence costs for the next screening, LUC is going to publish the numbers afterwards and everything.
– We want to make enjoying some big screen, non-mainstream, cult movies an event and an experience.

So please grab some tickets asap for this screening of a truly brilliant and thoughtful horror/sci-fi/S&M/thriller/conspiracy flick. You can grab then as usual online via or from Underboard on Court Street (open everyday from noon).

There is a Facebook event page lurking at:
Please invite all of your friends, mortal enemies, one-night-stands, work colleagues, pets, support staff, creditors, debtors, dance partners and pen pals.


LUC Club at Underboard – Surprise package of a movie & 2 beers for a tenner

You may well be aware of LUC’s new commercial wing, Underboard – a cool new shop that we have set up in conjunction with The Drawing Board.


Underboard is an independent drink, culture and entertainments store, located at 3 Court Street in Leamington Spa. We’ve got all sorts of craft beer, cool books, cult movie, ace board game, t-shirt and art & design in stock for the discerning consumer.

In particular, LUC patrons will probably be interested in our Leamington Underground Cinema Club. Each month, for a payment of £10, we will give you a bag containing a specially chosen underground/cult/less-well-known movie on DVD as well as two craft beers to go with it. The identity of the film and beers in question will be a closely guarded secret until the day they are handed out.


To join in with Episode 1 in March, by Saturday 10th March at the latest, you need to

  1. Visit Underboard
  2. Pay us £10 and give us your name and e-mail address
  3. Get a receipt from us

Your film and beer package will be available to pick up at Underboard from Saturday 17th March onwards – we’ll email you to remind you.

Please note that due to the alcoholic element of the LUC Club, you must be over 18 to join in and may need to show ID if you look all youthful and that.

LUC Club Flyer.png

AIRPLANE! is our January Screening

Now fully revealed, our screening on January 21st is the comedic classic AIRPLANE!

To help comprehensively blow away the early 2018 blues, this timelessly hilarious film will be preceded by a very special film quiz, with some suitably cinematic prizes on offer.

The fun kicks off at The Drawing Board from 7pm – tickets are just £8 on the door or in advance from wegottickets right here. You can also buy tickets from the venue in advance.

The Drawing Board will be offering some thematic drinking fun to help you overcome any Ted Striker-esque drinking problems you may have.

Get out there and win one for the zipper!

airplane movie


New Mystery Film Screening Announced For 21st January

mystery header.png

According to economists, philosophers, sociologists, journalists, medical professionals, religious leaders, the military and your mum – the second half of January is definitely the most depressing time of the year.

So to counter this Leamington Underground Cinema and The Drawing Board are putting on an especially entertaining film event on Sunday 21st January to cheer you up for the final stretch before February, when the Christmas adverts will no doubt start up again.

To make things especially interesting, tickets for this slap up movie treat will be half price if you buy them before we announce exactly what we will be showing.

So for the risk-taking, YOLO punters, tickets are £4, if you wait until after Christmas to find out what is happening, the price is £8.

It’s all a bit Deal or No Deal, but good (and with a strict no Noel Edmonds guarantee).

This event will be happening on both floors of the Drawing Board, with special immersive drinking opportunities on hand for the thematically inclined.


(Also available at the bar in The Drawing Board)