LUC Festival 2016 Submissions Coming from Literally All Over The World

LUC festival 2016 logo squareEntries to the fourth LUC Festival, which runs from the 11th to the 19th November, have been swooping in from all around the world. So far we’ve had nearly 400 short films, animations and features submitted from over 50 countries. Here is a map showing the intensity of entries from all around the globe using the medium of the colour blue. As you can see, Uganda is very much doing all the heavy lifting for Africa at the moment.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 12.32.31

Submissions are open until the End of September, so there is still plenty of time to get your masterpiece to us – there are four categories for submissions:

LUC Short Film Prize: £1000 for the best film under 15 minutes

LUC Short Animation Prize: £100 for the best animation under 10 minutes (FREE TO ENTER)

LUC 60 Seconds Max: £250 for the best film of 1 minute or less

LUC Fest 2016 Features: For the first time we are accepting feature submission for potential screening during the festival.

For full details on how to submit as well as the boring terms and conditions, head over to our page on Film Freeway or Fest Home.


LUC Festival 2016 – Call for film submissions

banner-cta_over_redThe terrifying wail of the bunker klaxon means that we’ve just ticked over into the main submission period for the LUC Festival 2016.

Now in our fourth year we have four categories for submissions, including features for the first time.

The impoverished bean counters in the accounting department are all too aware of how strapped for cash most filmmakers are, so we’ve kept the fees as low and the prizes as high as we can (with a maximum of £1000 up for grabs) to attract films from as many of you as possible.

We want to show original films that will entertain, move, perplex, surprise and even maybe outrage our audience. We will always favour something interesting and entertaining but a bit rough over something technically amazing but dull – but if you can manage both you could well be onto a winner.

To submit, head over to our page on the marvellous FilmFreeway site to get all the particulars and send us your masterwork. The standard deadline is August 31st and the late deadline will be September 30th.

The categories for submissions are:

LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2016: £1000 ($1500)


LUC 60 SECONDS MAX PRIZE 2016 : £250 ($375)







FILMMAKERS – Submit films to LUC to win up to £1000

LUC festival 2016 logo squareSubmissions are now open for this year’s LUC festival which will take place from the 11th to the 19th of November at venues all round the town.

The festival is made up of a programme of cool, non-mainstream features and shorts – which is why we need your entries.

This year we have prizes for the best short film under 15 minutes, the best sub 1-minute films and a FREE to enter prize for short animation. Also for the first time we are inviting feature submissions to be screened as part of the festival programme. The submission categories are:

  • LUC Short Film Prize 2016: will be awarded to the best short film (UNDER 15 MINUTES) The winner will also get £1000.
  • LUC 60 Seconds Max Prize 2016: will be awarded to the best film submitted with a maximum running time of one minute. The winner will also get £250.
  • LUC Short Animation Prize 2016: will be awarded to the best animated film (UNDER 10 MINUTES). The winner will also get £100.
  • LUC FESTIVAL FEATURES: For the first time we are accepting feature submissions (FOR FILMS OVER 45 MINUTES). Selected features will be screened during the festival.

There are low fees in place (with even cheaper earlybird prices for the first 2 months) for shorts, 1-minute films and features – but the animation prize is completely free to enter.

To send us your masterpiece head over to the LUC FESTIVAL 2016 page on film freeway and get submitting!


The threat level meter in the LUC bunker is just about to tip over to Def-Con 1, the upper defenses have been manned, all shore leave cancelled and the reactor switched into overdrive mode. The reason for all this frenzied activity is that submissions for the Leamington Underground Cinema Short Film Prize 2014 have just been opened.

Following the amazing response we got to our first short film competition prize last year – the finance committee have confirmed through gritted teeth that we will once again be awarding a £1000 prize for the best short film submitted for our festival which takes place in October 2014. Plus, to the further, almost suicidal dismay of the finance committee, this contest is completely free to enter.

Please visit the submission page on this very site to read the rules and check out the submission form – but if you are the sort of devil-may-care maverick who doesn’t have the time to read a load of stuff and doesn’t mind if your film gets rejected for not following the rules – here are the main points:

1. The competition is open to any kind of film completed after 1st January 2013 and less than 10 minutes long in total (including credits).

2. There is no entry fee.

3. The best film submitted will win the LUC Short Film Prize 2014 trophy and £1000.

4. One entry per person – use the form at the bottom of the contest page.

5. Don’t break any laws, or at least not any that we can get the blame for.*

Submissions are open now until the deadline of 14th August – so if you’ve already got something ‘in the can’ as I believe people still say, feel free to submit straight away. But if you are still working on your sub-ten minute masterpiece, you’ve got three months to get it done!

Good Luck and we hope to see you at the final in October.

*The legal department of Leamington Underground Cinema would like to distance itself from this puerile attempt at humour.


LUC Festival 2014 – Be Teased

There’ a whole load of festival related information coming your way very soon – from sneak previews of what will be screened, to how to get your hands on a festival pass.

In the meantime tease yourself silly about the five epic days of cinematic action from 7th to 11th October with our teaser trailer – share it around as much as you can.

Festival Spotlight no.8: LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

LUCFEST SFP COMPLETE 1000pxThe huge, operatic finale of the first Leamington Underground Cinema will be the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013, live at the Spa Centre cinema at 8pm on Sunday 29th September.

We will be screening the ten finalists, drawn from the 85 shorts being screened during the festival – which in turn were selected from the hundreds and hundreds that were submitted.

At the climax, one will be winning the first ever LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE TROPHY, plus £1000! Crikey. The judging panel for the prize is made up of filmmakers, critics as well as the sponsors of this years festival.

But that’s not all. In the fine tradition of previous LUC events we are also throwing in a fantastic film quiz, the likes of which is rarely seen outside of institutions surrounded by barbed wire and men with guns.

LUC are unspeakably grateful to the sponsors of this years prize:

Staak Ltd
The Clarendon Leamington
The Cask and Bottle

…all fine upstanding bastions of the local community, I hope you will all consider them above all competitors when it comes to parting with your hard earned cash.

Tickets for this fantastic event are just five quid – they will be available on the night, but are also available online if you want to be sure of your seat. In years to come you’ll be able to say you were there at the start.

This all kicks of at 8 sharp, the doors to the cinema will be open at 7.50 – why not dive down to the spa centre for a  drink first? The bar will be open from 6pm.

Following the conclusion of the festival we will all be adjourning to the newly opened Cask & Bottle for what I believe the young people call an after-party. See you there.

Five days left to win £1000 for your short film

As of midnight tonight, there will be just 5 days, or 120 hours, or 7200 minutes remaining for you to submit your sub-10 minute masterpiece for the first LUC short film prize.

There are details of how to enter and a form for submission on this very web site.

The LUC film selection committee (short film sub-group) is hard at work finalising the selection for the LUC Festival and arguing violently over which 15 films will make the prestigious final on 29th September – where one will win the big cash prize.

We’ve nearly had four hundred entries now, but there is still room in the programme to be filled, so keep them coming. But remember: The deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) on friday 2nd of August. Anything submitted after that won’t be considered.

Also, if you are posting stuff to us, please make sure you put enough postage on it. The bean counters in the LUC finance wing don’t have the resources available to fund unpaid postage costs.