Festival Update: Hard Ticket To Hawaii

HARDTICKETAs is often quoted, Jean-Luc Godard once said “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun…”. Then pausing for a quick drag on a Gitanes he continued, “…also it doesn’t hurt if you can squeeze in an exploding blow-up doll, death by frisbee and a giant papier mache snake” – although nobody ever seems to include that bit.

Once more the Masochist Film Club returns for another evening at The Town House, this time as part of November’s Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.

Our feature presentation is the legendary Andy Sidaris picture Hard Ticket To Hawaii, a film combining the shuddering action of Miami Connection, the powerful acting of The Room and the sudden, frequent and inexplicable clothes-less-ness of Samurai Cop.

Join an elite DEA task force of kung fu experts and glamour models as they take on a drug kingpin in a plot that also somehow involves diamonds, giant mutated killer snakes and a skateboarding assassin.

The programme will also include some short films selected in competition for the LUC Short Film Prize 2015.

TICKETS £5 – on sale now – for age 18 and over

DOORS 7.30pm – STARTS 8.00pm