The funniest film ever made, but probably not on purpose

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This weekend, LUC screens The Room, a legendary piece of cinema that has been described as ‘Completely Bonkers’, ‘A Cult Phenomenon’ and perhaps most tellingly ‘The funniest film ever made, but probably not on purpose’.

The room plus fb flyerThere really isn’t anything else like The Room, the vision of a singular director, writer and star Tommy Wiseau – a mysterious figure both on-screen and off. To say this is a bad film is a bit like saying that Harold Shipman was a bad doctor – it might be technically correct, but it is understating the matter to a spectacular degree.

After watching the disturbingly erotic opening 15 minutes (probably through your fingers) The Room provides an unironic cavalcade of bizarrely pointless plotting, nonsensical dialogue and very, very small games of American Football.

Centred around a tortured love triangle involving rose-obsessed bum-displayer Johnny, his bored sociopath girlfriend Lisa and his over-declared best friend Mark, The Room fails in every conceivable manner and as a result is one of the most entertaining film going experiences around.

This is a film to shout at, laugh at, converse with and to throw plastic spoons at, but as Tommy Wiseau himself says: “You can laugh, you can cry, you can express yourself, but please don’t hurt each other.”

Wise Words.

Our screening of the room is preceded by the return of LUC Film Bingo, spot the films, tick them off on your bingo card and win some cool prizes including tickets to our forthcoming screenings at Leam Boat Centre and Foundry Wood!

Doors 7.30pm // Bingo 7.45pm // Film 8.30pm // Tickets are £8 which includes one free game of film bingo other games are £1 per bingo card. Tickets are on sale now from wegottickets.

This screening is at North Hall, Leamington Spa, which is the same building as Heartbreak productions, click here for a google map, or check the high res directions below…

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On 23rd September, The Room will TEAR YOU APART

Greasy LUC off-shoot The Masochist Film Club will be screening the undisputed classic of catastrophic cinema, The Room, on Tuesday 23rd September at The Zephyr Lounge in Leamington Spa.

Tickets are £4 for standard seating or £6 for a prime position sofa seat – you can grab them online right now at

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Miami Connection – 19th August

Displaying a devil-may-care attitude towards your cinematic well-being, Leamington Spa’s Masochist Film Club returns to the Zephyr Lounge on Tuesday 19th August for a screening of the jaw-dropping Miami Connection.

Featuring black belt wielding rock bands, evil ninjas, hilarious blood-spurting and gratuitous hairstyles, this film has it all. Check out the trailer below, and make sure the sound is up loud, you don’t want to miss this soundtrack.

Prime position sofa seats are available for £5, with standard seats coming in at only £3 (or £2.50 in advance). Be aware that numbers are limited, so grab your tickets in advance at:

Doors 8pm – Cinematic entertainment commences at 8.30pm.

MC Poster

More Masochist Film Club Coming Soon

IMG_6421.JPGAfter a fantastic first outing for The Masochist Film Club at the Zephyr Lounge on tuesday night, we are delighted to announce that there will be another chance to bathe in the glorious failure of amazingly inept film making in August.

The feature in question will be revealed on the MFC Facebook page on Friday 25th July at Midday. Advance tickets will be on sale next week – we will try to make more seating options available – but get in early if you want the limited prime position luxury sofa action.