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LUC Festival Update 1: And so it begins…

underground sign constructionSo anyway, I decided that this year would be the ideal time to expand Leamington Underground Cinema’s scope of operations – from one off events in cinemas, pubs and dark corners of the internet – into a fully fledged film festival right here in Leamington Spa.

Since briefly mentioning this in a few places I’ve had lots of really positive feedback and plenty of people want to get involved – so I’m now in the process of all sorts of planning, brainstorming and list-making.

The plan at the moment is to pick a weekend in late July/August (nailing down the date is unsurprisingly near the top of the to-do list) and put on the following:

  • Screenings of some hand-picked picked cult features, including at least one epic double bill
  • A short film competition, providing lots of shorts to screen at venues across the weekend
  • A gala LUC night, involving the best of the short film competition (including awards) and the legendary LUC film quiz
  • A musical soiree for local acts to perform their own interpretations of famous film music

There are plenty more ideas but that will do for now. If you’ve already expressed an interest I’ll be in touch to have a chat very soon. I am going to need plenty of help, so…

  • If you are someone who runs/owns/has the keys for a venue in Leamington (or nearby, lets not be all parochial about this) who would like to be part of this, give me a shout.
  • Anyone working in the media who would like to spread the word, feel free – I’ll have press releases at some point but in the meantime get in touch or check back here for regular updates.
  • Any filmmakers with something you would like to screen, you can use the Submit to LUC page on this site, or get in touch if your film is not on-line.
  • If you are in a band who would like to play some soundtrack action – get rehearsing and let me know.
  • If you are an enthusiastic, film loving type of person who fancies getting involved in helping to organise, run or attend the first LUC festival, please get in touch.

Best ways to contact me are via the contact LUC form on this site, via the LUC Facebook Page, or @LeamUCinema on twitter.

I’ll be blogging about (hopefully) how well this is all going as regularly as I can, so expect more poorly formatted, bullet point riddled posts soon. Probably involving an actual date.