Quantum Leak wins the first Emerald IT LUC Video Game Prize!

On Saturday 11th October, LUC presented its first ever video game awards, sponsored by the marvellous people at Emerald ITMS. This is the showcase video we played at the event, in which our host Frankie Griffiths takes on each game in the final…

The winner was QUANTUM LEAK entered by STAAK LTD who win this unique trophy:


You can play the winner and all the finalists on our Video Game Prize Page.

Thanks to our judges and everyone who came along.


Play all of our video game prize entries!

It is friday afternoon, you are pretending to do some work, but lets face it – you’re not.

Why not have a crack at this marvellous selection of games that were entered for the first ever Emerald IT LUC Video Game Prize? They are all waiting on the internet ready for your interactive entertainment input.

The games will be showcased at a gala final event, midday at The Zephyr Lounge on 11th October, the winner will be announced just prior to a special screening of the brilliant ‘The King Of Kong”. Tickets for this event are just £3 and are available now on wegottickets, or on the door.

So get clicking on the links below and hope that your boss is skiving as much as you…


by David Abbot


Hold On Lads I’ve Got An Idea

by Andrew Brazier & Mike Acosta


Reel Life

by Joel Atkinson, Lynsey Graham, India Swift, Craig Yates


Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

by Christine Cuddihy



by strange_generator


Quantum Leak

by Staak


Arrr Rated

by Quentin Warnant, Toby Rutter, Matt Taylor, Gaby in Wonderland


Video Game Prize – 5 days left to submit your entry

VG PRIZE POSTER 1000pxThe deadline for the first ever Emerald IT LUC Video Game Prize is now just five days away – get your submissions in by the end of 30th September to be in with a chance of appearing in the final and winning £500. You can find all the rules and an entry form on this very site.

The final will be held at The Zephyr lounge on Saturday 11th October at midday, hosted by the incomparable Frankie Griffiths and will be followed by a screening of the brilliant documentary “The King of Kong”. Tickets are available now for just £3, each game in the final will get a free ticket.

We have managed to assemble an elite judging panel for this first award, the members of this formidable jury are:

Sarah Windrum 
“I look after the mobile technology side of Emerald and am very excited by the work of the Silicon Spa developers!”
Darren Windrum
“I head up the IT department and have been a keen gamer since my first Amstrad!”
Natalie Griffith
Event Director of Backspace and the Owner of indie PR agency Press Space
Chris White
Member of Parliament for Warwick and Leamington
Alex Darby
Has worked in the Video Game industry since 1996, and is currently director / owner of darbotron ltd a local Indie Micro Studio, and a director of the creative co-working space Arch Creatives. During his career he’s been a Technical Director, a Lead Game Designer, and though he tries to keep it quiet he’s not entirely awful at art either. Alex was also a founding member of FreeStyleGames where, amongst other things, he helped to create the DJ Hero franchise.
To spur you along, here is an early entry – Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, by Christine Cuddihy, click on the picture to give it a go!

The Top Ten Reasons To Back The LUC Festival 2014


kickstart this LUC Fest posterWith 28 days to go and almost a quarter of the funds already raised the LUC Fest 2014 Kickstarter Campaign has started far better than we expected. If you’ve been thinking about backing the festival or need some good reasons to help persuade your friends/family/warden as to why they should pitch in, or let you have your allowance early, here are the top ten reasons that the irritating hipsters in the marketing department have come up with…

1. To make sure that there will be an ace film festival in Leamington this year.

If you came along last year you will know what we mean, but if you didn’t make it – have a gander at all the stuff that happened at the first LUC Fest. We want to put on five days of cool feature screenings, loads of shorts and unique film events at venues around the town.

Also, we are – as far as we know – the only film festival that puts on a quiz at our award ceremony. You don’t get that at Cannes.

2. To make sure that you will have access to all events and avoid the bitter sting of disappointment

There were a few screenings last year where, we were completely sold-out and full up – latecomers reduced to peering in through the door. Don’t let this happen to you this year. Festival pass holders will get entrance to all events and the option to reserve a seat at all events to make sure that you don’t miss any of the programme. Grab your pass on our Kickstarter page.

3. To keep it free for filmmakers to submit their work

Most film festivals make money by charging entrance fees to filmmakers who want to submit their work for consideration. We want to keep the LUC festival free for all filmmakers. Removing the financial barrier provides young or hard up artists all over the world with the opportunity to get their film screened in front of an audience.

4. To help establish Leamington the home of a renowned short film festival

Keeping entry free with a £1000 prize for the best film has enabled the LUC short film prize (in only its second year) to already attract over 1200 submissions from 75 different countries! If we can successfully fund the festival and short film prize for the next few years, then we have the chance of establishing Leamington Spa as the home of a widely recognised short film competition.

5. To make sure you have one of our exceedingly unique, customised festival passes

Honestly, they are going to be brilliant – the design is under wraps at the moment but everyone who backs the festival to the tune of at least £25 will get their own customised piece of LUC Festival history!

6. To get loads of positive PR for your company or organisation

Individuals, companies and organisations that are able to back the festival to the amount of £125 or more will get the benefit of advertising at all festival events, and from £250 upwards will appear on the festival posters, programmes and even in our trailer. Last time round the festival was attended by around 500 people in total, the posters were absolutely everywhere around the town and the trailer was viewed about a thousand times online.

Added to this exposure will be the less tangible but equally important increase in karma for all involved.

7. To support alternative, cult, non-mainstream film screenings

Leamington Underground Cinema is all about showing brilliant but less well-known films. The local area is well served for mainstream cinema and film events, but we want to provide screenings that champion cool, alternative films. This doesn’t mean that we want to screen incredibly difficult or willfully obscure material – but there is a whole wealth of brilliantly entertaining, but little-seen cinema out there that we want to bring to the local audience. Check out last year’s programme to get an idea of our ethos.

8. To help launch our first ever video Game contest

As Leamington Spa is a hotbed of game developing activity, we thought it would be great to create some kind of innovative, mutant, hybrid crossover with our film festival. As with the short film prize The Emerald It LUC Video Game Prize 2014 is completely free to enter and there will be a £500 for the best film-themed game submitted. There will be a glittering award ceremony where the best games will be on display – check out the rules and entry form asap.

9. To help support the arts and culture scene in Leamington Spa

There are a whole load of great artists, musicians, developers and filmmakers fuelling a scene that is bubbling away beneath the respectable veneer of Royal Leamington Spa, we want to provide a platform for this stuff to come to the surface and bring some recognition and an audience to all the talent that is lurking around the town.

10. To make sure you get to see the full LUC festival 2014 Trailer

Yes. The successful funding of the festival will reveal the continuing fate of our professional and unflustered announcer/hostage – last time we saw him he was in a car boot…


Emerald IT sponsor the first ever LUC Video Game Prize!

The LUC Festival fundraising department is delighted to announce that Emerald IT Managed Services Ltd have become the sponsors of the first ever LUC Video Game Prize – or as it will be known from now on:


Sounds swish doesn’t it? We’ve got those beleaguered souls in the graphics department coming up with new posters and stuff right now.

We will be giving away £500 to the best movie-inspired or cinema-themed game submitted by the deadline of 14th of September. This competition is open to absolutely anyone and is completely free to enter.

There are a few quick rules and an entry form right here. Maybe you will even eclipse our amazing Troll 2 game.

More info soon and if you are on the lookout for any IT services for your organisation we heartily recommend that you check out the Emerald IT website asap

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