LUC Festival 2015 Announced

Because we just haven’t learned our lesson yet, the Leamington Underground Festival 2015 will take place from the 7th to 14th November at venues around the town.

It is early days but we are looking at some very exciting events this year – including another instalment of the LUC Short Film Prize, submissions are already open for this contest which once again has a £1000 prize with a super low entry fee. Filmmakers are invited to submit their sub-15 minute masterpieces via the FilmFreeway site.

As ever the finance committee are sitting nervously in the corner try to work out how we are actually going to pay for the whole thing. If you are interested in sponsoring the festival, taking advantage of all the perks and good karma that will come your way, please get in touch via We will have some more formalised sponsorship packages available in the next couple of months, but please give us a shout if you want to get in early and have your name associated with this fine event as soon as possible.

The proper artwork will be on its way sometime soon (although the smell of what we hope is joss sticks floating out of the art dept doesn’t suggest that it is a hive of activity) – in the meantime please enjoy this functional announcement poster:

LUC FEST 2015 announcement poster


Don’t Miss BIRDEMIC plus The Rosenberg Appeal at #LUCFEST

A part of the programme for this years Leamington Underground Cinema Festival – we are screening the legendary BIRDEMIC: SHOCK & TERROR on Thursday 9th October at The Zephyr Lounge. Joining the bill for the evening will be Leamington’s foremost musical trio and saviours of Art Rock, The Rosenberg Appeal, who will be playing a very special set for your aural entertainment.

There are bad films, there are terrible films, there are the sort of films that make you want to go and live in a cave with only the angry voices in your head for company… then there is BIRDEMIC: Shock and Terror.

Ostensibly your average straight-faced romantic drama monster disaster movie (with an amazingly subtle environmental subtext). Birdemic is the tale of star-crossed lovers Rod and Nathalie caught up in a terrifying plague of killer birds. This is a film so intrinsically, hilariously flawed in every possible way that it has to be seen to be believed.

MARVEL! At the special effects that look like they were done on a commodore 64
GASP! At the nail-biting action sequences involving coat hangers
SWOON! At Rod’s romantic pursuit of Nathalie – which comes across like a man with serious head injuries stalking a woman with very poor judgement
THRILL! To the infamous boardroom clapping scene that goes on for far too long.

Don’t take our word for it, check the trailer below and then grab tickets for the bargain price of 4.95 from this link right here

More #LUCFEST Programme Info: Mistaken For Strangers plus live music

The bearded hipster types in our bookings department are delighted that Friday night will most certainly be music night during the LUC Festival 2014. On Friday 10th October we will be screening the brilliant Mistaken For Strangers followed by live music at Leamington LAMP.

Mistaken For Strangers is a cool and wry music documentary, in which Tom Berninger chronicles his time spent on the road as a member of the tour crew for The National, the famed indie band fronted by his brother, Matt.

Following the film, there will be live music – headlined by Leamington’s very own blues heroes The Swaps, plus other musical guests!

More info, including how to get hold of tickets will be along very shortly…

Mistaken for strangers POSTER 1000px



Film Bingo Returns 28th August

Leamington Underground Cinema‘s Film Bingo returns to The Cask & Bottle on Thursday 28th August after a summer break on the lovely, blood spattered paradise of Isla Nublar.

As usual there will be three games to test your film-spotting faculties. Bingo cards will be on sale for £2 each from 7.30 pm at The Cask & Bottle, the first game will commence at 8pm and as ever the winner in each game will win a marvellous £50. Hold on to your butts!

film bingo 28 august 2014 poster


The Top Ten Reasons To Back The LUC Festival 2014


kickstart this LUC Fest posterWith 28 days to go and almost a quarter of the funds already raised the LUC Fest 2014 Kickstarter Campaign has started far better than we expected. If you’ve been thinking about backing the festival or need some good reasons to help persuade your friends/family/warden as to why they should pitch in, or let you have your allowance early, here are the top ten reasons that the irritating hipsters in the marketing department have come up with…

1. To make sure that there will be an ace film festival in Leamington this year.

If you came along last year you will know what we mean, but if you didn’t make it – have a gander at all the stuff that happened at the first LUC Fest. We want to put on five days of cool feature screenings, loads of shorts and unique film events at venues around the town.

Also, we are – as far as we know – the only film festival that puts on a quiz at our award ceremony. You don’t get that at Cannes.

2. To make sure that you will have access to all events and avoid the bitter sting of disappointment

There were a few screenings last year where, we were completely sold-out and full up – latecomers reduced to peering in through the door. Don’t let this happen to you this year. Festival pass holders will get entrance to all events and the option to reserve a seat at all events to make sure that you don’t miss any of the programme. Grab your pass on our Kickstarter page.

3. To keep it free for filmmakers to submit their work

Most film festivals make money by charging entrance fees to filmmakers who want to submit their work for consideration. We want to keep the LUC festival free for all filmmakers. Removing the financial barrier provides young or hard up artists all over the world with the opportunity to get their film screened in front of an audience.

4. To help establish Leamington the home of a renowned short film festival

Keeping entry free with a £1000 prize for the best film has enabled the LUC short film prize (in only its second year) to already attract over 1200 submissions from 75 different countries! If we can successfully fund the festival and short film prize for the next few years, then we have the chance of establishing Leamington Spa as the home of a widely recognised short film competition.

5. To make sure you have one of our exceedingly unique, customised festival passes

Honestly, they are going to be brilliant – the design is under wraps at the moment but everyone who backs the festival to the tune of at least £25 will get their own customised piece of LUC Festival history!

6. To get loads of positive PR for your company or organisation

Individuals, companies and organisations that are able to back the festival to the amount of £125 or more will get the benefit of advertising at all festival events, and from £250 upwards will appear on the festival posters, programmes and even in our trailer. Last time round the festival was attended by around 500 people in total, the posters were absolutely everywhere around the town and the trailer was viewed about a thousand times online.

Added to this exposure will be the less tangible but equally important increase in karma for all involved.

7. To support alternative, cult, non-mainstream film screenings

Leamington Underground Cinema is all about showing brilliant but less well-known films. The local area is well served for mainstream cinema and film events, but we want to provide screenings that champion cool, alternative films. This doesn’t mean that we want to screen incredibly difficult or willfully obscure material – but there is a whole wealth of brilliantly entertaining, but little-seen cinema out there that we want to bring to the local audience. Check out last year’s programme to get an idea of our ethos.

8. To help launch our first ever video Game contest

As Leamington Spa is a hotbed of game developing activity, we thought it would be great to create some kind of innovative, mutant, hybrid crossover with our film festival. As with the short film prize The Emerald It LUC Video Game Prize 2014 is completely free to enter and there will be a £500 for the best film-themed game submitted. There will be a glittering award ceremony where the best games will be on display – check out the rules and entry form asap.

9. To help support the arts and culture scene in Leamington Spa

There are a whole load of great artists, musicians, developers and filmmakers fuelling a scene that is bubbling away beneath the respectable veneer of Royal Leamington Spa, we want to provide a platform for this stuff to come to the surface and bring some recognition and an audience to all the talent that is lurking around the town.

10. To make sure you get to see the full LUC festival 2014 Trailer

Yes. The successful funding of the festival will reveal the continuing fate of our professional and unflustered announcer/hostage – last time we saw him he was in a car boot…


Details and ticket info for LUC’s BIG FILM QUIZ

LUC BFQ Poster 1000pxOn Friday 13th June, join LUC at Leamington LAMP for an evening of entertaining and cinematic quiz action with an astounding first prize of £100!

The action will kick off at 8pm and will involve five diverse rounds, testing your film knowledge to the limit in a multimedia barrage of sound and vision.

To keep you fully refreshed, in addition to the bar at LAMP there will be a drink-stocked buffet trolley available for your ultimate quizzing convenience.

Tickets for this exciting event are just £5 per person – you can play solo or form teams – it is entirely up to you.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on-line, at LAMP or at LUC’s Film Bingo event on the 29th of May.


To purchase advance tickets via the wonders of Paypal please click the following link: