LUC Festival 2015 Announced

Because we just haven’t learned our lesson yet, the Leamington Underground Festival 2015 will take place from the 7th to 14th November at venues around the town.

It is early days but we are looking at some very exciting events this year – including another instalment of the LUC Short Film Prize, submissions are already open for this contest which once again has a £1000 prize with a super low entry fee. Filmmakers are invited to submit their sub-15 minute masterpieces via the FilmFreeway site.

As ever the finance committee are sitting nervously in the corner try to work out how we are actually going to pay for the whole thing. If you are interested in sponsoring the festival, taking advantage of all the perks and good karma that will come your way, please get in touch via We will have some more formalised sponsorship packages available in the next couple of months, but please give us a shout if you want to get in early and have your name associated with this fine event as soon as possible.

The proper artwork will be on its way sometime soon (although the smell of what we hope is joss sticks floating out of the art dept doesn’t suggest that it is a hive of activity) – in the meantime please enjoy this functional announcement poster:

LUC FEST 2015 announcement poster


LUC WANTS YOU! (in a completely appropriate and above-board manner)

Leamington Underground Cinema needs a bunch of ace, film-loving individuals to get involved with publicising, organising and running the overly ambitious 1st LUC Festival in September.

We need people who will have some time to spare before the fest and then will be around during the week of 23rd-29th September to get involved in this superbly exciting event and bring a touch of order to the probable chaos.

What will I have to do?

There are three main areas that LUC is not afraid to admit that it needs a bit of help with:

1. Publicising and advertising the festival – sticking up posters, irritating everyone you know on social media, getting on the tv/radio/press, getting questions asked in parliament, scaling the Shard with a giant LUC banner. That sort of thing.

2. Organising – The festival is going to be made up of loads of different events at different places, LUC’s meagre resources are already stretched thin (well as thin as I get) so we need to recruit some people to take charge of individual events, working with the venues to get things set up and ready.

3. Running things – we want to have a strong LUC presence at all of the events to make sure everything goes well and to ensure that attendees can find out exactly what is going on and when.

When do I need to be available

Ideally for organising/running stuff then the evenings during the week of 23rd-29th September, if you fancy being more heavily involved in organising events then you will need to be able to commit some time during August and September. If you just fancy helping with PR then you just need some spare time over the next couple of months.

What do I get? Will I be paid?

There is no money I’m afraid, but if you become a member of the crack LUC Festival crew then you will be compensated in the following ways:

1: You will get at least one ace, exclusive LUC festival t-shirt – these won’t be printed for anyone else.

2: You get free entry to all LUC paid events for the next year.

3: You get to come to the gala final evening for free

4: There will probably be a drink or two in it for you

5: You will instantly become far more attractive to the opposite sex – or the same sex if you prefer – or both sexes if you are greedy like that.

How do I get involved?

Send us a message via the LUC facebook page, or drop an e-mail to – include some contact details, how you would like to get involved and anything else you think might be worthwhile telling us.

The deadline for applying to be a volunteer is the 1st August and we reserve the right to not select you, not you personally, you seem brilliant – but there are some scary people on the internet.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Film Competition – £1000 prize

Hot on the heels of the announcement of LUC’s unique SCORE-CRAZY! competition, our glorious central committee is delighted to tell the world that we will be giving away another thousand quid for the best film entered into the LEAMINGTON UNDERGROUND CINEMA SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013.

The competition is free to enter and is open to any short film, of any genre made from 2010 onwards. The best films will be selected to be screened during the LUC Festival during the week of 23rd-29th September – with a shortlist of ten being shown at a big gala final on the 29th. The winner as selected by our shadowy, elite panel of judges will win the first prize of a grand.

The best part is, unlike most festivals and competitions: THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE 

Entries are open now, the submission deadline is 2nd August. Full details of how to enter and an entry form can be found on the competition page on this here site. Any questions, queries or attempts at disgraceful bribery and corruption can be sent to

All sorts of posters and PR will be appearing in the next few weeks, but for now, please let anyone know that you think might be interested – and get making that amazing short film that you’ve been planning for years.

LUC Festival Update 2: Got a date: 22-28 July

After looking at lots of calendars detailing local and national events, consulting the tarot, reading the leaves and trying to avoid coinciding with any particularly compelling forecasts of the apocalypse – I’ve settled on the week of 22nd-28th July 2013 for the inaugural Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.

Currently waiting to hear back from venues and making initial enquiries with film companies about some of the cult films I’m keen to include in the programme. Even at this early stage, I can tell this is going to be a bit of an ordeal – mostly because with some of the films I’m after it is hard to find out who has the copyright and in some cases, it seems that there is no Uk distributor. All good fun though.

I’m also going to be hitting up some local, and maybe not so local businesses to see if they would like to help with sponsorship – especially in terms of the prize for the short film competition. So if you fit in one of those categories I’ll be getting in touch.

Also thinking of a small kickstarter campaign to help pay for printing, advertising and other logistics – if anyone has any experience or advice about crowd-funding give me a shout.

More very soon.

LUC Festival Update 1: And so it begins…

underground sign constructionSo anyway, I decided that this year would be the ideal time to expand Leamington Underground Cinema’s scope of operations – from one off events in cinemas, pubs and dark corners of the internet – into a fully fledged film festival right here in Leamington Spa.

Since briefly mentioning this in a few places I’ve had lots of really positive feedback and plenty of people want to get involved – so I’m now in the process of all sorts of planning, brainstorming and list-making.

The plan at the moment is to pick a weekend in late July/August (nailing down the date is unsurprisingly near the top of the to-do list) and put on the following:

  • Screenings of some hand-picked picked cult features, including at least one epic double bill
  • A short film competition, providing lots of shorts to screen at venues across the weekend
  • A gala LUC night, involving the best of the short film competition (including awards) and the legendary LUC film quiz
  • A musical soiree for local acts to perform their own interpretations of famous film music

There are plenty more ideas but that will do for now. If you’ve already expressed an interest I’ll be in touch to have a chat very soon. I am going to need plenty of help, so…

  • If you are someone who runs/owns/has the keys for a venue in Leamington (or nearby, lets not be all parochial about this) who would like to be part of this, give me a shout.
  • Anyone working in the media who would like to spread the word, feel free – I’ll have press releases at some point but in the meantime get in touch or check back here for regular updates.
  • Any filmmakers with something you would like to screen, you can use the Submit to LUC page on this site, or get in touch if your film is not on-line.
  • If you are in a band who would like to play some soundtrack action – get rehearsing and let me know.
  • If you are an enthusiastic, film loving type of person who fancies getting involved in helping to organise, run or attend the first LUC festival, please get in touch.

Best ways to contact me are via the contact LUC form on this site, via the LUC Facebook Page, or @LeamUCinema on twitter.

I’ll be blogging about (hopefully) how well this is all going as regularly as I can, so expect more poorly formatted, bullet point riddled posts soon. Probably involving an actual date.