Remote Control Film Night 14

Leamington Underground Cinema presents another free online film night that you can enjoy from absolutely everywhere, except perhaps some of those scary countries with mad dictators like North Korea and America.

On the evening of Thursday 19th October we will be curating a selection of the finest, strangest and most entertaining short film entertainment from around the internet. There may also be a creative challenge or two to get invoved in…

The fun will begin at 7.30pm GMT, please ensure you’ve been to the toilet before we start and remain at least 5% above horizontal throughout – it is for your own safety.

You can join in in on the Leamington Underground Cinema Facebook page or by following our twitter feed at

RCFN 14 Flyer.jpg


Another REMOTE CONTROL FILM NIGHT on August 20th 2015

LUC’s (not at all) patented Remote Control Film Night returns once more on Thursday 20th August. Another evening of interesting, amusing and in all probability, worrying film entertainment that you can enjoy for free in the comfort of your own home/cell/cardboard box.

Join us on the Leamington Underground Cinema Facebook Page or via twitter (follow @LeamUCinema) for an evening of short cinematic treats, specially picked for you by our vast, subterranean, valve-driven, cold war supercomputer.

The programme will commence at 8PM and as usual will include competitive opportunities for you to win something cool.



RCFN 9 invitation

The nineteenth of May is, somehow Leamington Underground Cinema‘s third birthday.

Although the glorious central committee doesn’t usually condone any sort of organised celebration amongst the staff here in the LUC bunker – they have permitted our broadcast section to prepare a commemorative 9th Remote Control film Night!

From 8pm we will, as usual, be broadcasting a programme of cool, unusual, entertaining and mostly legal cinematic entertainment at you via Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to the audio-visual entertainment there will also be interactive competitive activities where you will have the chance to win prizes and attain the famed status of previous LUC champions.

So on Thursday 19th May, gather around your favoured internet connected viewing device – ensure that food and drink are within easy reach, that all exits are completely sealed and assume the position.

We promise to be as gentle as possible.

This Friday – Remote Control Film Night – Bollocks To Valentines Day

B2VDThis year Leamington Underground Cinema says Bollocks to Valentine’s Day – Lets all stay in and watch some great on-line films, hand picked by our least romantic cinematic experts, as we present yet another Remote Control Film Night.

Join us via Facebook or Twitter from the comfort of your own safe space for all sorts of ace short films and cool competitive action. We promise you the following:

1. You won’t have to eat an overpriced, generic meal served by surly teenagers.
2. Some twat won’t try and sell you a manky rose for ten quid.
3. There will be absolutely no serenading of any type at all.
4. You will experience a much more satisfying and enjoyable sexual encounter at the end of the evening, especially if you are a solo viewer.

Kicks off at 8 – have some booze and snacks nearby.


REMOTE CONTROL FILM NIGHT – This Thursday – 7.30pm

1044825_549610825105617_679639524_nA message from the hard-working and formally attired staff of the LUC communications office: Please note our t-minus 102 hour warning that on Thursday evening at 7.30, Leamington Underground Cinema will commence the 7th Remote Control Film Night.

This is our unique and innovative film event that you can enjoy from anywhere in the world, using anything (PC, games console, phone, speak and spell) that is connected to the internet. By tuning in to the LUC Facebook page, or our twitter feed you can enjoy an evening of interactive cinematic entertainment with the odd competition thrown in here and there.

Advance notice is given that you should carry out a quick audit of your DVD collection and have some pens and paper ready for joining in with some of the creative fun – more details on the night. Don’t worry if you aren’t free until later on Thursday – the beauty of the Remote Control Night is that you can join in whenever you like.

Let us know if you are planning to get a gathering together to enjoy the evening’s entertainments and we will provide what we are led to believe is known as a ‘shout out’.

Please spread the word – The Remote Control Film Night is completely free to enjoy and is guaranteed 100% clear of any infectious diseases.

If you are the facebook type, there is an event page here.

Full operational guidance follows below:

RCFN November 1000px

LINT The Movie: Tonight at Arts Trail

LUCFEST LINT COMPLETE 1000pxThe LUC Festival relentlessly rumbles on, like a runaway train full of ace films. Tonight we will be desperately jumping to safety at the Arts Trail Studios for an exclusive and entirely free screening of LINT The Movie.

Based on his own book by ace author Steve Aylett, LINT tells the tale of cult author and forgotten man of sci-fi, Jeff Lint. The film includes contributions from a whole host of luminaries such as Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Alan Moore and Robin Ince.

Covering such incidents as Lint’s ill-fated, sexually-charged episode of Star Trek, his elaborate theories on the Kennedy assassination and his insanely disturbing kids cartoon Catty and The Major – Lint The Movie is a thoroughly entertaining exploration of this most troubling and enigmatic of figures.

Prior to the feature tonight we will be screening another batch of fantastic underground shorts that were submitted to the LUC short film prize. Topics covered in this evening’s eclectic selection include the nature of memory, magic phone boxes, mysterious forests, whimsical suicide discussions and dangerous cardboard pets. I hope you have all been keeping up with Benn Veasey’s fantastic blog of the shorts programme so far.

Also joining in tonight will be Comics etc with a selection of their wares, come down early for a browse, to grab a drink and grab a seat for another night of LUC action. If you need directions to Arts Trail, check our handy festival map – or the address is 6 Livery Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4NP.



RemoteControl6For those of you who have always wanted to go to a Leamington Underground Cinema event, but can’t get a baby sitter/parole/off your fat arse – help is at hand in the form of the 6th Remote Control Film Night.

This is the exclusive, innovative and (not) patented LUC film event that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home without the need for all that horrible physical interaction with the rest of society and all of their germs.

To join in, just navigate your way to the LUC Facebook page (, or follow LUC on twitter (@LeamUCinema). The fun starts at 8pm on Sunday 30th June, veterans of previous events will already be adopting the position – newcomers are advised that they will probably need at least some of the following…

1. Some way of using the internet, ideally plugged into your TV if you can

2. Snacks

3. Booze

4. Some kind of camera

5. Some pens and paper

6. A bucket lined with a bin bag, then filled with ice

7. A good sharp axe

8. Some form of industrial lubricant

9. Your national insurance number

10. Wet wipes