LUC Festival Begins Tonight!

LucFestivalPosterOne 1000pxRight, this is getting serious.

The LUC Festival Operatives have all been briefed, issued with cyanide capsules and deployed into the field. The PR department have been give a crate of red bull and locked in our social media dungeon. Meanwhile the logistics department have as one curled into a foetal position and started asking for their mum.

It can mean only one thing: the first Leamington Underground Cinema Festival is almost upon us.

Kicking off tonight, LUC presents a week of cinematic entertainment and diversion, six months in the making. We can’t wait to unleash the six cool features and 85 (!) fantastic short films across the town of Leamington Spa at a variety of generous, well appointed venues.

Speaking of tonight, we are opening our first festival with a real treat, The Secret Society Of Fine Arts, a unique, compelling and visually stunning tale of art and terrorism – screening COMPLETELY FOR FREE at Leamington’s slightly secret, and very arty Live Arts and Music Project aka LAMP.

Prior to the feature we will be screening a selection of art/experimental shorts from the selection for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013. These short films kick off at 7.30pm sharp, there will be a short intermission to take full advantage of LAMP’s fine selection of beverages before the main feature screening. Join us earlier for a drink and the chance to buy tickets for some of the other festival events. Oh and there will be popcorn too.


LUC Festival Timetable Poster

Here is the first in a new wave of posters and images that will be coming your way to promote the bum-squeekingly imminent LUC Festival. The chin scratchers in the graphics department promise that they will get a bit more exciting.  If you’d like to download and print one out, or even print a load out and plaster them on nearby walls click on the image for a big version.