Details and ticket info for LUC’s BIG FILM QUIZ

LUC BFQ Poster 1000pxOn Friday 13th June, join LUC at Leamington LAMP for an evening of entertaining and cinematic quiz action with an astounding first prize of £100!

The action will kick off at 8pm and will involve five diverse rounds, testing your film knowledge to the limit in a multimedia barrage of sound and vision.

To keep you fully refreshed, in addition to the bar at LAMP there will be a drink-stocked buffet trolley available for your ultimate quizzing convenience.

Tickets for this exciting event are just £5 per person – you can play solo or form teams – it is entirely up to you.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on-line, at LAMP or at LUC’s Film Bingo event on the 29th of May.


To purchase advance tickets via the wonders of Paypal please click the following link:





Big Film Quiz – Friday 13th June

Prepare to get your quiz on. On Friday 13th June LUC, in association with those nice people at LAMP present an evening of red hot film quiz action.

Brace yourself for a variety of cunning rounds and challenging cinema-based questions. Tickets are just £5 per person (or £4 for Bunker Brigade members), you can play alone or form teams – there will be all sorts of special prizes including an especially marvellous first prize of £100.

More info coming very soon, including how to get advance tickets to be sure of your place…

LUC BFQ Poster 1000px

Tonight! The Magic Christian at LAMP

magicchristianDon’t miss this very special film that we are screening tonight – from the pen of Dr. Strangelove writer Terry Southern – The Magic Christian is a riotous all-star satire which sets out to prove that everyone has their price, as long as you have enough money. Eccentric billionaire Sir Guy Grand (Peter Sellers) and his hastily adopted son, Youngman (Ringo Starr) hatch all manner of plots and schemes to send up or subvert all manner of social norms and respected events, highlights include a version of Hamlet that becomes a striptease and grouse hunting with an anti-aircraft gun.

You’ve really never seen anything like it – a proper underground classic.

The cinematic programme will kick off at 8ish, but why not pop down earlier for a drink? Tickets for this screening are just £3 on the door.

The Magic Christian – check the trailer

There wasn’t a decent looking trailer for The Magic Christian available so we got the short-sighted, mouth-breathers in the LUC editing facility to knock one up. Vampires, guns, naked galley slaves, huge piles of cash and Yul Brynner in a wig all feature prominently.

Our screening of this marvellous satirical comedy is on Thursday March 6th at LAMP, tickets are just £3.00 and you can buy them now via the convenience of the internet…

The Magic Christian – tickets on sale for just £3

magicchristianOn March 6th, as part of LAMP’s first birthday celebrations – LUC is delighted to be screening one of the best films you’ve almost certainly never seen, The Magic Christian.

Watch Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr, get away with all manner of subversive stunts and anarchic hi-jinks, with a large briefcase of cash always nearby to sort out any problems. They just want to see if you have your price, most of us do.

This amazing, all-star satire is not to be missed and you can grab tickets now for just three quid from the link below.

If you want tickets, here they are, come and get them!

Here’s a clip, to get you in the mood…