This Thursday, 27th June 2019, head to the Spa Centre cinema for a rare screening of 1995 disasterpiece masterpiece, Showgirls.

Considered both a trashy mess and a subversive cult treat, this is a no-holds barred, everything turned up to eleven, take no prisoners affair.

Showgirls tells the story of Nomi, an angry drifter (and even angrier stripper) and her quest to make it to the big time in Las Vegas – this film has outrageous style, genuinely insane acting and a script featuring some of the most ridiculous lines uttered in cinema history. It is amazing.

Doors open at 7.15pm and the film action starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are £6 on the door or in advance from wegottickets.


Festival: Done

Wow – organising a film festival is a surreal experience. Everyone in the bunker is spent. There will be  a proper review of the week soon, but in the meantime huge thanks to our team of elite operatives and hope you all enjoyed it. Here is a snap of the fantastic finale.


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LUC Festival: Last Day – 2 Great Events

Well somehow we’ve made it through to the last day of the LUC Festival – everyone in the bunker is ready for a spot of R&R at The Cask & Bottle –  but first there is the matter of our exciting conclusion to proceedings at Leamington’s concrete emporium of fun, The Spa Centre.

LUCFEST SON COMPLETE 1000pxFirst at 5pm we are really excited to be showing Sound Of Noise, a fantastic comedy/crime/thriller about a bunch of anarchist drummers wreaking havok and the tone-deaf detective on their trail. Check the trailer – it is ace. Plus there will be a marvellous bundle of shorts to warm you up for the feature. Tickets are £5 on the door, although the first person to turn up with a metronome gets in for free.


LUCFEST SFP COMPLETE 1000pxThen at 8pm the first LUC Festival concludes with the award of the first LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE. We will be screening the ten finalists, drawn from the 85 shorts screened this week (which in turn were drawn from over 700 submitted films).

Just to keep things lively we’ll also be throwing in a marvellous quiz with glamorous host Frankie Griffiths keeping order. Tickets for this event are also £5. What a bargain!

Hopefully we’ll be wrapped up by 10pm, when we will be repairing to the pub and very much hope you can join us.


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LUCFEST SFP COMPLETE 1000pxAnother quick post to keep you up to with the imminent cinematic cavalcade of the festival. After agonising high level meetings and the mysterious disappearance of the entire selection committee we can finally reveal the ten films that have been drawn from the 85 being screened during the week, to be the finalists for the first LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE.

All ten films will be screened at the closing event of the festival on 29th September, 8pm at the Spa Centre Cinema. The film judged the best by our shadowy, elite, star chamber of film judges (more on them soon) will be announced on the night and will be awarded a glittering trophy and £1000 prize.

Then we’ll go to the pub.

If you fancy joining us – and who wouldn’t – you can buy tickets for just £5 on-line or on the night and for the facebook types amongst you there is an event page with more details.

Here are the ten films and finalists competing for the prize.:

The Hungry Corpse // Gergely Wootsch

The Phone Box // Ian Robertson

Antisocial // Sam Wildman

Decapoda Shock // Javier Chillon

82 // Alexei Slater

Coming Alive // Jaha Browne

Mooon // James Kwan

Professor Cliq – Plastic & Flashing Lights // Victor Haegelin

Fawked // James Root

The Futility Of War // Sam Baron

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LUC Outing Number One: Date Change To Monday 25th

Somehow England have blagged their way through to the quarter final on Sunday, so lets go to see Moonlight Kingdom at the Spa Centre on Monday, 7.45pm instead.

That way we can all bask in the glory of  a nervy, technically deficient footballing spectacle with loads of dodgy Italian diving.

With any luck it will be more like this (but with less Nazis):


Leamington Underground Cinema Outing #1: Moonrise Kingdom

They may be an acquired taste, but personally, I love Wes Anderson’s movies. The latest, Moonrise Kingdom has been kicking around for a while, picking up lots of positive attention and is pitching up at Leamington’s very own Spa Centre cinema this week. If any LUCers fancy it, the central committee will be heading down for the 7.45 PM screening next Sunday (24th June) and the for light liquid refreshment at a local hostelry.

If you need more persuasion that his would be a cool way to spend a Sunday evening – here’s the trailer: