LUC Festival 2016 – Call for film submissions

banner-cta_over_redThe terrifying wail of the bunker klaxon means that we’ve just ticked over into the main submission period for the LUC Festival 2016.

Now in our fourth year we have four categories for submissions, including features for the first time.

The impoverished bean counters in the accounting department are all too aware of how strapped for cash most filmmakers are, so we’ve kept the fees as low and the prizes as high as we can (with a maximum of £1000 up for grabs) to attract films from as many of you as possible.

We want to show original films that will entertain, move, perplex, surprise and even maybe outrage our audience. We will always favour something interesting and entertaining but a bit rough over something technically amazing but dull – but if you can manage both you could well be onto a winner.

To submit, head over to our page on the marvellous FilmFreeway site to get all the particulars and send us your masterwork. The standard deadline is August 31st and the late deadline will be September 30th.

The categories for submissions are:

LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2016: £1000 ($1500)


LUC 60 SECONDS MAX PRIZE 2016 : £250 ($375)







LUC Festival: Last Day – 2 Great Events

Well somehow we’ve made it through to the last day of the LUC Festival – everyone in the bunker is ready for a spot of R&R at The Cask & Bottle –  but first there is the matter of our exciting conclusion to proceedings at Leamington’s concrete emporium of fun, The Spa Centre.

LUCFEST SON COMPLETE 1000pxFirst at 5pm we are really excited to be showing Sound Of Noise, a fantastic comedy/crime/thriller about a bunch of anarchist drummers wreaking havok and the tone-deaf detective on their trail. Check the trailer – it is ace. Plus there will be a marvellous bundle of shorts to warm you up for the feature. Tickets are £5 on the door, although the first person to turn up with a metronome gets in for free.


LUCFEST SFP COMPLETE 1000pxThen at 8pm the first LUC Festival concludes with the award of the first LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE. We will be screening the ten finalists, drawn from the 85 shorts screened this week (which in turn were drawn from over 700 submitted films).

Just to keep things lively we’ll also be throwing in a marvellous quiz with glamorous host Frankie Griffiths keeping order. Tickets for this event are also £5. What a bargain!

Hopefully we’ll be wrapped up by 10pm, when we will be repairing to the pub and very much hope you can join us.



Here are the 12 star chamber-esque members of the panel who have been locked in an air-tight room and told that they can’t come out until they have chosen the film that will win the first LUC Short Film Prize. The ten finalists will be screened on Sunday 29th September, 8pm at the Spa Centre Cinema where the winner will be announced at the climax of events.

Here they are (in alphabetical order to avoid any arguments) – all thoroughly incorruptible, I can guarantee that a grubby envelope of tenners left under a doormat in the dead of night, will not sway them in any way…

Chris Barrow

Voting on behalf of Arts Trail Studios who are hosting Lint The Movie and It’s Such A Beautiful Day

Anton Bitel

Freelance film critic and genre fanatic who writes for Sight & Sound,, Little White Lies and Grolsch FilmWorks

Ray Duffy

Voting on behalf of Short Film Prize sponsors Mask-Arade

Florence Ellis

Composer, Filmmaker and voting on behalf of Leamington LAMP who are hosting The Secret Society Of Fine Arts and Anyone Can Play Guitar

Narinder Gill

Voting on behalf of Altoria Bar who are hosting Underground Shorts during the festival

Rakel Laraz

Voting on behalf of Short Film Prize sponsors Staak Ltd

Mike McCahill

Film critic for The Scotsman, The Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, Metro, Moviemail and The Daily Complainer.

Ben Philpotts

Landlord, Actor and voting on behalf of Short Film Prize sponsors The Clarendon and The Cask & Bottle

Victoria Rodway

Award winning director of Trail Of Crimson and in-demand cinematographer with several features completed

Hank Starrs

Is a Writer/Producer who has completed 16 Short films and a couple of features, including BLOODED and ANYONE CAN PLAY GUITAR.

David Stickley

Trainee film producer and proud sponsor of the Short Film Prize.

Oh – and the collected hive mind of the LUC Festival Operatives gets a vote too.

Festival Spotlight No.5: It’s Such A Beautiful Day

LUCFEST ISABD COMPLETE 1000pxClear your diary for the evening of Saturday 28th September. Honestly, clear it. You don’t want to miss this.

Leamington Underground Cinema is delighted (and quite surprised) to be screening Don Hertzfeldt‘s masterpiece It’s Such A Beautiful Day at Leamington Arts Trail Studios.

This is the full trilogy about Bill, the stick man with the mystery ailment, edited together as one complete feature. I could bang on endlessly about how good this is, but don’t take my word for it, check out any review such as this one by Mike McCahill in The Guardian:

Supporting this very special feature LUC will be screening a great selection of animations that were submitted for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013. Subjects include murderous teddy bears, unsuccessful parkour and astronomical bodies rendered in the medium of wool. It is an amazing line up.

Best of all ENTRY IS FREE, plus there will even be a bar for you to enjoy a tipple during the films

Please note: the content of this event is NOT suitable for children.

Films will start at 5pm sharp. get down early to grab a seat.


LUCFEST SFP COMPLETE 1000pxAnother quick post to keep you up to with the imminent cinematic cavalcade of the festival. After agonising high level meetings and the mysterious disappearance of the entire selection committee we can finally reveal the ten films that have been drawn from the 85 being screened during the week, to be the finalists for the first LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE.

All ten films will be screened at the closing event of the festival on 29th September, 8pm at the Spa Centre Cinema. The film judged the best by our shadowy, elite, star chamber of film judges (more on them soon) will be announced on the night and will be awarded a glittering trophy and £1000 prize.

Then we’ll go to the pub.

If you fancy joining us – and who wouldn’t – you can buy tickets for just £5 on-line or on the night and for the facebook types amongst you there is an event page with more details.

Here are the ten films and finalists competing for the prize.:

The Hungry Corpse // Gergely Wootsch

The Phone Box // Ian Robertson

Antisocial // Sam Wildman

Decapoda Shock // Javier Chillon

82 // Alexei Slater

Coming Alive // Jaha Browne

Mooon // James Kwan

Professor Cliq – Plastic & Flashing Lights // Victor Haegelin

Fawked // James Root

The Futility Of War // Sam Baron

Five days left to win £1000 for your short film

As of midnight tonight, there will be just 5 days, or 120 hours, or 7200 minutes remaining for you to submit your sub-10 minute masterpiece for the first LUC short film prize.

There are details of how to enter and a form for submission on this very web site.

The LUC film selection committee (short film sub-group) is hard at work finalising the selection for the LUC Festival and arguing violently over which 15 films will make the prestigious final on 29th September – where one will win the big cash prize.

We’ve nearly had four hundred entries now, but there is still room in the programme to be filled, so keep them coming. But remember: The deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) on friday 2nd of August. Anything submitted after that won’t be considered.

Also, if you are posting stuff to us, please make sure you put enough postage on it. The bean counters in the LUC finance wing don’t have the resources available to fund unpaid postage costs.