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LUC Lock Groove DJ Adverts

Leamington Underground Cinema’s elite filmmaking wing (LUC Films) recently made some rather cool adverts for ace iphone/android music making app Lock Groove DJ (which you can download for free via¬†

These short films demonstrate how all Lock Groove DJ samples are naturally sourced by the crack recording team of Gunther and Hans at the prestigious Lock Groove Institute.

Check out all four on the Lock Groove DJ YouTube channel – as a a taster, here are G&H recording some sounds for the Emcee zone…

LUC Films online films

The Lock Groove Institute

We are currently expanding the elite, film making wing of Leamington Underground Cinema. One of the first things up the ramp will be a series featuring comedic sound engineers Gunther and Hans and their work at The Lock Groove Institute. Home of the Lock Groove DJ mobile app. To follow H&G’s adventures in sound recording, visit the Lock Groove DJ facebook page – oh and download the app as well – it’s free at the moment and dead good fun…