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LUC Festival 2015 Kickstarter is up and running

Once again we are running an exciting Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this year’s Leamington Underground Cinema Festival. There are all sorts of exciting rewards available for backers and sponsors including exclusive artwork, festival passes, digital magazines and even bespoke, personalised certificates of employment at LUC (slap it on your CV).

Plenty more news and random give-aways coming in the next week or so – in the meantime please check out the campaign and spread the word to all of your friends, family, random acquaintances, legal representatives and cell mates.

Kick starter

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LUC Festival 2014 Kickstarter & Update

Following some issues arising from our use of cold-war era computing technology, the bearded types in LUC IT Support finally managed to find the ‘Thaw” setting on the cryogenic unit we rent from the Disney Corporation. The upshot is that the LUC festival organising committee is now almost completely defrosted and (following a lengthy visit to the toilet) have started whipping up a frenzy of activity..



The big news is that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for this year’s festival. You can get your festival pass in advance or become a sponsor – with all sorts of exciting rewards for those with a bit of cash to throw our way. Funding the festival this way means that we can keep it free for filmmakers to submit their work – and keep the pas and ticket prices as low as possible.

Visit the campaign at the following link to back the LUC Festival 2014 or find out more:

If you aren’t able to back us, then it would be just as great if you can spread the word as much as possible and share the link round on your chosen social media playground.



Astoundingly, there have already been over 1,000 short films submitted through the web site, or our page on Film Freeway. That’s a whole lot of viewing to do but we have surgically enhance our screening panel so that their eyes work independently in order to watch two films at once. The deadline is stillover a month away on Friday 15th August so get submitting if you haven’t already. It is completely free to enter and the prize for the best film is £1000!



We are waiting on the first burst of entries to this new competition, quiet possibly because we forgot to put the submission form up. Those responsible have of course been taken out and shot. This will al be rectified very shortly, but in the meantime keep/get cracking on with your entries – you can check out the rules and stuff here. It is free to enter and there will be a prize of £500 for the best game. If you want some inspiration check out our very own Troll 2 Game which we made to promote our imminent screening – surely you can do better than that.


LUC Festival Programme

An icy shroud of mystery surrounds the top secret dossier containing details of this year’s festival programme. We can reveal a couple of things: firstly the festival will open with a very special live soundtrack event; secondly there will be a masochist film club screening as part of the festival; thirdly we have some great genre features potentially lined up and finally we will once agin be the only film festival (as far as we know) that puts on a quiz at our award ceremony.


There will be weekly updates from now on – but you can also sign up to our mailing list to get regular news delivered.