LUC Festival 2015 Kickstarter is up and running

Once again we are running an exciting Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund this year’s Leamington Underground Cinema Festival. There are all sorts of exciting rewards available for backers and sponsors including exclusive artwork, festival passes, digital magazines and even bespoke, personalised certificates of employment at LUC (slap it on your CV).

Plenty more news and random give-aways coming in the next week or so – in the meantime please check out the campaign and spread the word to all of your friends, family, random acquaintances, legal representatives and cell mates.

Kick starter


…and so it begins… LUC FESTIVAL 2015

Despite the best advice of our lawyers, accountants, doctors, herbalists and soothsayers LUC is putting on the 3rd annual Leamington Underground Cinema Festival from the 7th to the 14th of November 2015. As usual we will be doing all sorts of feature screenings and events at venues all around the town.

The programme will be announced in August, but before that we will be strategically leaking info as and when we can on some of the exciting cinematic diversions that we are working on.

Once again we will be running a Kickstarter campaign to sell festival passes and help pay for the whole thing – our motivation and bribery panel is currently working on some exciting rewards for those visionary souls who would like to get involved. Give us a shout at if you’d like to know more about getting involved as a sponsor.

As usual our captive art expert Christine Cuddihy is hard at work perfecting the festival’s visual identity – she’s already done this brilliant poster which you will be seeing plenty more of in the coming months…


LUC Festival Poster Preview

Get an eyeful of this exclusive preview of the artwork for the LUC Festival 2014. After a long overdue purge of LUC’s internal graphics dept (following what is now known as “The Comic Sans Atrocity”), all visual communications for the event have been commissioned from the supremely talented Art By Prescription. You will be seeing more of this very soon…

LUC FEST Poster 1

LUC Festival 2014 – Early Info

LUC FEST 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT POSTERFollowing the messy triumph of last year’s first ever LUC Festival – we have been given clearance by the medical department to do it all again this year. There will probably be nowhere to hide from the relentless LUC PR machine over the next few months, but as the calm before the storm here are some of the major points to whet your appetite…

1. The LUC Festival 2014 will run for five days from Tuesday 7th October to Saturday 11th October. This is slightly different from last year where we had the bright idea of finishing on a Sunday night. Those responsible for this scheduling blunder have, of course, been taken out and shot.

2. Once again the programme will be a great selection of cool features and shorts at a variety of venues around the town – please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event.

3. The second LUC Short Film Prize 2014 will be awarded on the last night of the festival – it will be like the oscars, but hopefully less shit. Submissions to the competition will be open from June to August – absolutely loads more info coming soon. Once again it will be free to enter and the best film submitted will win £1000 and an utterly unique trophy.

4. This year we will be introducing the LUC Video Game Prize 2013 – where the best film-themed independently developed game submitted will win £500 and possibly some other exciting items. More info soon, bur submissions will open in June so get cracking on some ideas for that.

5. LUC is hoping to offer a young filmmakers short film prize this year as well – more news on how this develops in the coming months.

6. We will be recruiting volunteers for key tactical roles later in the year – start on your press-ups now.

7. Finally – we will be looking for some heroic sponsors to help cover the costs of the festival – we will be running some crowdfunding action for those who would like to support the festival by purchasing passes to all events (and possibly snag some exclusive LUC items) – but there will also be a range of sponsorship opportunities ranging from £150 to £1000. If you or your organisation are interested, please give us a shout via

Plenty more information coming soon – in the meantime spread the word and keep clear 7th – 11th October in your diary (probably worth keeping the 12th free as well).


LINT The Movie: Tonight at Arts Trail

LUCFEST LINT COMPLETE 1000pxThe LUC Festival relentlessly rumbles on, like a runaway train full of ace films. Tonight we will be desperately jumping to safety at the Arts Trail Studios for an exclusive and entirely free screening of LINT The Movie.

Based on his own book by ace author Steve Aylett, LINT tells the tale of cult author and forgotten man of sci-fi, Jeff Lint. The film includes contributions from a whole host of luminaries such as Stewart Lee, Josie Long, Alan Moore and Robin Ince.

Covering such incidents as Lint’s ill-fated, sexually-charged episode of Star Trek, his elaborate theories on the Kennedy assassination and his insanely disturbing kids cartoon Catty and The Major – Lint The Movie is a thoroughly entertaining exploration of this most troubling and enigmatic of figures.

Prior to the feature tonight we will be screening another batch of fantastic underground shorts that were submitted to the LUC short film prize. Topics covered in this evening’s eclectic selection include the nature of memory, magic phone boxes, mysterious forests, whimsical suicide discussions and dangerous cardboard pets. I hope you have all been keeping up with Benn Veasey’s fantastic blog of the shorts programme so far.

Also joining in tonight will be Comics etc with a selection of their wares, come down early for a browse, to grab a drink and grab a seat for another night of LUC action. If you need directions to Arts Trail, check our handy festival map – or the address is 6 Livery Street, Leamington Spa, CV32 4NP.



LUCFEST JERKBEAST COMPLETE 1000pxThe atmosphere in the LUC bunker is electric (as well as quite murky) following two opening nights that exceeded even the blindly optimistic fools in the PR department’s expectations. Thanks to LAMP and Altoria for hosting two standing-room-only nights of cool and original cinematic entertainment. If you haven’t come across it already, check out the blog of Benn Veasey, who is heroically reviewing as much of the festival as may be humanly possible.

Tonight, LUC in conjunction with the Zephyr Lounge present a programme of some fantastically dark, edgy and comedic Underground short films followed by an exclusive screening of the most punk rock movie ever made (or that is ever likely to be made), Jerkbeast.

This is the story of the worst band in history, featuring the most fucked-up people in the world. That may sound like an exaggeration, but really it isn’t – experience it yourself this evening in the comfort of luxury sofa seating (if you get down early enough).

Best of all – THIS EVENT IS FREE ENTRY! – that’s a lot of entertainment for no pounds, even in this economy.

Tonights shorts programme will begin at 7.30 and contains some ace films so come down early and have a few beers before it all, quite literally, kicks off. We will be selling exclusive LUC Posters at bargain prices and tickets for this weekends events.



Tonight! Altoria! Underground Shorts!

Following last night’s barn-storming, sweat-producing, mid-way screen-adjusting opening salvo – the LUC festival moves on to Altoria for another evening of cool short films.

LUCFEST ALTORIA COMPLETE 1000pxThe 90 minute programme contains such varied treats as marriage counselling, armed robbery, saucy internet chat rooms, clowns, rabbits and the end of the world. So something for everyone.

All of the films shown tonight were submitted for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013 which will be awarded to one lucky filmmaker on Sunday 29th September at the Spa Centre Cinema.

Following the shorts tonight there will also be some film music action and thanks to our hosts at Altoria – the whole thing is entirely free. LUC Festival Operatives will be on hand selling tickets for our week-end events as well as providing the opportunity to get your hands on some cool LUC posters for just a couple of quid.

If you couldn’t make it along last night – or were forced to peer in through the door due to the fantastic turn out – here is a marvellous review from Ben Veasey of the first night.