Short Film Prize Selection Announcement

Just minutes ago, a bearded, pale skinned, malnourished member of the short film selection panel, crawled from their sealed viewing chamber. Wheezing heavily, the bloodshot eyes that had taken in around 1800 entries gazed pleadingly towards the sleeping quarters. An unkempt hand held out a scrappy piece of A4 on which were scribbled (in what we hope is ink) the names of the 33 short films selected to screen at the LUC Festival – one of which will win the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014.

More info soon, but now that the panel have been a whole five hours off, we’ve managed to decipher the selection document and list the short films that we’ll be screening below…

Film Title Submitted By
Double Act Ding Shiwei
Amateurs Yoo In-cheol
Jump Robert Dawes
The Low Road, Baby Mark Roeder
Enlightenment Marat Narimanov
The Man From Arctica Nils J. Nesse
Schrödinger’s Bed Michael Murnau
Skeleton Key Meredith Nolan
Happy Memories Jack Fields
Studies on Hysteria Felix Ruple
Pins Kimberly Brown
Old Dog, New Tricks Oscar Udbye
Banana Skins Matt McCooey
im.promp.tu Michael Slobodian
TRIP Paulista Marcia Beatriz Granero
Providence Sam Amos
Stifle John Hennessy
BZz Luca Fattore
Renewing Mikael Joonas Makkonen
10ml I.V. Andrew Gillman
Timothy Marc Martínez Jordán
A Perfect Day Oguzhan Kaya
Lost Cubert Jakob Schmidt
Golden Simon Ball
Free Will Quentin Pointillart
Travis Stephen French
Provisoire Anthony Cajan
Das Katzenjammertal Ara Jo
La Fille aux Feuilles Marina Rosset
Richie Andy Salamonczyk
Love in the City Emanuele Michetti
Hybris Arjan Brentjes

LUC Festival 2014 Kickstarter & Update

Following some issues arising from our use of cold-war era computing technology, the bearded types in LUC IT Support finally managed to find the ‘Thaw” setting on the cryogenic unit we rent from the Disney Corporation. The upshot is that the LUC festival organising committee is now almost completely defrosted and (following a lengthy visit to the toilet) have started whipping up a frenzy of activity..



The big news is that we have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help pay for this year’s festival. You can get your festival pass in advance or become a sponsor – with all sorts of exciting rewards for those with a bit of cash to throw our way. Funding the festival this way means that we can keep it free for filmmakers to submit their work – and keep the pas and ticket prices as low as possible.

Visit the campaign at the following link to back the LUC Festival 2014 or find out more:

If you aren’t able to back us, then it would be just as great if you can spread the word as much as possible and share the link round on your chosen social media playground.



Astoundingly, there have already been over 1,000 short films submitted through the web site, or our page on Film Freeway. That’s a whole lot of viewing to do but we have surgically enhance our screening panel so that their eyes work independently in order to watch two films at once. The deadline is stillover a month away on Friday 15th August so get submitting if you haven’t already. It is completely free to enter and the prize for the best film is £1000!



We are waiting on the first burst of entries to this new competition, quiet possibly because we forgot to put the submission form up. Those responsible have of course been taken out and shot. This will al be rectified very shortly, but in the meantime keep/get cracking on with your entries – you can check out the rules and stuff here. It is free to enter and there will be a prize of £500 for the best game. If you want some inspiration check out our very own Troll 2 Game which we made to promote our imminent screening – surely you can do better than that.


LUC Festival Programme

An icy shroud of mystery surrounds the top secret dossier containing details of this year’s festival programme. We can reveal a couple of things: firstly the festival will open with a very special live soundtrack event; secondly there will be a masochist film club screening as part of the festival; thirdly we have some great genre features potentially lined up and finally we will once agin be the only film festival (as far as we know) that puts on a quiz at our award ceremony.


There will be weekly updates from now on – but you can also sign up to our mailing list to get regular news delivered.


The threat level meter in the LUC bunker is just about to tip over to Def-Con 1, the upper defenses have been manned, all shore leave cancelled and the reactor switched into overdrive mode. The reason for all this frenzied activity is that submissions for the Leamington Underground Cinema Short Film Prize 2014 have just been opened.

Following the amazing response we got to our first short film competition prize last year – the finance committee have confirmed through gritted teeth that we will once again be awarding a £1000 prize for the best short film submitted for our festival which takes place in October 2014. Plus, to the further, almost suicidal dismay of the finance committee, this contest is completely free to enter.

Please visit the submission page on this very site to read the rules and check out the submission form – but if you are the sort of devil-may-care maverick who doesn’t have the time to read a load of stuff and doesn’t mind if your film gets rejected for not following the rules – here are the main points:

1. The competition is open to any kind of film completed after 1st January 2013 and less than 10 minutes long in total (including credits).

2. There is no entry fee.

3. The best film submitted will win the LUC Short Film Prize 2014 trophy and £1000.

4. One entry per person – use the form at the bottom of the contest page.

5. Don’t break any laws, or at least not any that we can get the blame for.*

Submissions are open now until the deadline of 14th August – so if you’ve already got something ‘in the can’ as I believe people still say, feel free to submit straight away. But if you are still working on your sub-ten minute masterpiece, you’ve got three months to get it done!

Good Luck and we hope to see you at the final in October.

*The legal department of Leamington Underground Cinema would like to distance itself from this puerile attempt at humour.


LUC Festival 2014 – Early Info

LUC FEST 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT POSTERFollowing the messy triumph of last year’s first ever LUC Festival – we have been given clearance by the medical department to do it all again this year. There will probably be nowhere to hide from the relentless LUC PR machine over the next few months, but as the calm before the storm here are some of the major points to whet your appetite…

1. The LUC Festival 2014 will run for five days from Tuesday 7th October to Saturday 11th October. This is slightly different from last year where we had the bright idea of finishing on a Sunday night. Those responsible for this scheduling blunder have, of course, been taken out and shot.

2. Once again the programme will be a great selection of cool features and shorts at a variety of venues around the town – please get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event.

3. The second LUC Short Film Prize 2014 will be awarded on the last night of the festival – it will be like the oscars, but hopefully less shit. Submissions to the competition will be open from June to August – absolutely loads more info coming soon. Once again it will be free to enter and the best film submitted will win £1000 and an utterly unique trophy.

4. This year we will be introducing the LUC Video Game Prize 2013 – where the best film-themed independently developed game submitted will win £500 and possibly some other exciting items. More info soon, bur submissions will open in June so get cracking on some ideas for that.

5. LUC is hoping to offer a young filmmakers short film prize this year as well – more news on how this develops in the coming months.

6. We will be recruiting volunteers for key tactical roles later in the year – start on your press-ups now.

7. Finally – we will be looking for some heroic sponsors to help cover the costs of the festival – we will be running some crowdfunding action for those who would like to support the festival by purchasing passes to all events (and possibly snag some exclusive LUC items) – but there will also be a range of sponsorship opportunities ranging from £150 to £1000. If you or your organisation are interested, please give us a shout via

Plenty more information coming soon – in the meantime spread the word and keep clear 7th – 11th October in your diary (probably worth keeping the 12th free as well).