New Mystery Film Screening Announced For 21st January

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According to economists, philosophers, sociologists, journalists, medical professionals, religious leaders, the military and your mum – the second half of January is definitely the most depressing time of the year.

So to counter this Leamington Underground Cinema and The Drawing Board are putting on an especially entertaining film event on Sunday 21st January to cheer you up for the final stretch before February, when the Christmas adverts will no doubt start up again.

To make things especially interesting, tickets for this slap up movie treat will be half price if you buy them before we announce exactly what we will be showing.

So for the risk-taking, YOLO punters, tickets are £4, if you wait until after Christmas to find out what is happening, the price is £8.

It’s all a bit Deal or No Deal, but good (and with a strict no Noel Edmonds guarantee).

This event will be happening on both floors of the Drawing Board, with special immersive drinking opportunities on hand for the thematically inclined.


(Also available at the bar in The Drawing Board)

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THEY LIVE & PREDATOR screenings at Leamington Camouflage Festival

LUC is teaming up with Playing The Field for two camouflage themed screenings at Foundry Wood on 2nd & 3rd September as part of the Leamington Camouflage Festival.

they live flyer 1On Friday 2nd, we present present John Carpenter’s classic 1988 cult satire action flick They Live.

When a drifter, played by Rowdy Roddy Piper, comes into possession of some very special sunglasses, he is able to see the world as it really is – an oppressive nightmare where the ruling class are really a bunch of evil aliens manipulating the masses behind a seamless facade. It also contains the longest fight scene in cinema history – so something for everyone.

Also at this screening Dr Daniel Winchester will be presenting his findings on paranormal extraterrestrial happenings in the local area – you will be shocked and amazed.


predator flyer 1Then on Saturday 3rd, brace yourselves for John MacTiernan’s peerless 1987 action flick, Predator.

A team of commandos on what they think is a rescue mission in a Central American jungle find themselves being stalked by an invisible extra-terrestrial hunter. It gets messy.

At this screening Dr Winchester will also be presenting his findings on a shocking tale of extraterrestrial invasion in Leamington Spa – oh yes.


Both screenings will take place outdoors at Leamington’s Foundry Wood, bench seating will be provided but feel free to bring your own for superior posterior comfort if you like.

There will be a licensed bar to keep you refreshed and hot food including options for both carnivores and vegetarians.

Doors will open at 6.30, with film action beginning at 8.

Dress to keep warm and dry.
Wear solid footwear.

Bring food and drink.
Bring pets or children.
Forget your bubblegum.

Find out more about the other events at the camouflage festival on this facebook page:

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Deliverance to screen at Leam Boat Centre

Deliverance flyerLeamington Underground Cinema and Playing The Field present a very special outdoor screening of John Boormans’s 1972 classic Deliverance in the most suitable location possible – down by the river at The Leam Boat Centre.

‘On a weekend canoeing trip down a river in the Georgia back country, four urban businessmen enter a nightmare in which both nature and mankind conspire to send them through a crucible of danger and degradation in which their lives and perhaps even their souls are put at horrendous risk.’

Alongside the screening there will be a licensed bar (no moonshine available) and hot food on sale. Prior to the screening we will also have some banjo-tastic live music from The Folly Brothers for your aural entertainment.

Doors at 7.00pm, the film will start at 9.00pm (approx)

Tickets are £10 and are available online from:
…or you can buy them from The Drawing Board

There is a facebook event page for you to invite your friends along at:

Some extra info:
– This is a bring your own seat event – so bring something to sit on.
– The food on sale will be confirmed two weeks prior to the event
– This event is for over 18s, please don’t bring any children, they won’t like it.

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LUC pop-up cinema drinking season film 3: Cocktail

CocktailCask1000pxThe third film in our pop-up cinema drinking trilogy is 80’s cheese-fest Cocktail.

Specially chosen by the proprietor of The Cask and Bottle (it is his all-time favourite film) – this exclusive screening will also involve a daring and dashing display of gravity defying cocktail making by the bar staff. They will be throwing bottles all over the place and mixing some very special drinks – just for you.

So join us on Saturday the 29th of March for an evening of fantastic drinks, sage advice from Bryan Brown – and really intense, jaw clenching ‘acting’ from Tom Cruise.

Film action will start at 9pm, but all manner of cocktails will be available to help you warm up earlier in the evening. There is no entry fee, this is a Pay What You Want event – this time there really will be a sparkly cocktail shaker passed round for your generous contributions.

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Mark it Dude! Big Lebowski Screening 22nd Feb

LebowskiCask1000pxFollowing a delightful evening in the pub for Withnail & I – Leamington Underground Cinema is back with the second in our season of movies for the discerning modern drinker – The Big Lebowski.

This Coen Brothers classic will kick off at 9pm on the  22nd February, accompanied as always by a handpicked selection of trailers from the very bottom of the dank, dark LUC repository.

So join us at The Cask and Bottle – around the big screen that really ties the room together – once more for an evening of laid back cinematic genius and kahlua based cocktail consumption.

This is a Pay What You Want screening so come and enjoy the film, and chuck whatever you like in LUC’s sparkly receptacle. Please note: Your karma may be affected.

Also anyone who turns up dressed as The Dude will get a free White Russian. Far out.

Please also note that the sound will much better than the W&I screening following fine tuning by the technical wizards at the Cask.

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Withnail & I screening Saturday 25th

WandICaskPoster1000pxLeamington Underground Cinema and The Cask and Bottle are teaming up to bring you a pop-up cinema season of the greatest movies for the discerning modern drinker.

First up is the endlessly quotable and agreeably sozzled 1987 classic, Withnail & I, screening on the evening of Saturday 25th January – in a pub as the filmmaker’s no doubt intended.

Tickets for this exclusive screening are just £5 and – for those that like to demand some booze – include one free drink from this selection taken from the epic list of substances consumed in the film, all of which are far superior to meths:
– a large sherry
– one of our famous gin and tonics
– a pint of cider (ice in the cider)
– a whisky
– a pint of ale
– a glass of (fine) wine.

(rumours of cake are circulating)

The feature will be kicking off at 9.30, but there may well be some special cinematic treats prior to that. You can get tickets on the door, but to be sure of your place you can purchase them from either The Cask & Bottle, or The Clarendon right now.

Any fucker missing this will definitely rue the day!