SAMURAI COP screens in Leamington Spa on Monday 11th May

“You Have The Right To Remain Silent – Dead Silent”

LUC’s evil off-shoot is back with a screening of another so-bad-its-amazing classic. This time, brace yourself for the ne plus ultra of low budget action thrillers, SAMURAI COP.

Starring the elegantly coiffured Matt Hannon in the title role and featuring the late Robert Z’dar as the evil enforcer of the, frankly, odd Katana criminal cartel – this 1991 film will amaze, confuse and entertain in equal measure.

samurai copSome key features to look out for:

  • Karate fight scenes featuring people who clearly don’t know karate
  • An ongoing inability to wear clothes
  • Amazingly inappropriate workplace banter
  • The strangest waiter ever committed to film
  • The wig, oh my god, the wig.
  • A looming Lion head wall decoration that gets more screen time than most of the cast

Doors open at 7.30pm for this special event at The Town House where exciting modifications mean that there will be a really big screen for your viewing entertainment, as well as easily available alcoholic refreshment and free popcorn for all patrons. The cinematic entertainment will begin at 8pm sharp.

Tickets are £7.50 in advance or on the door – space is limited so please grab your tickets on line or arrive early to avoid disappointment. You can grab tickets at:


Assume the position, we are screening SAMURAI COP on May 11th

samurai cop“You Have The Right To Remain Silent – Dead Silent”

Leamington Underground Cinema’s evil off-shoot The Masochist Film Club returns for an evening at The Townhouse on Monday 11th May.

Our feature presentation is the legendary ‘Samurai Cop’ – a jaw-dropping 80’s action thriller with amazingly terrible acting, hilariously misjudged hair, cheesy bedroom action and bizarrely racist cop banter.

The Townhouse bar will be open and they be putting on some very special movie food for this event. Everyone will get complementary popcorn on their arrival. Space is limited so please grab your tickets asap if you don’t want to miss this utter masterpiece.

Tickets are £7.50 in advance or on the door – you can get them from the bar at the Townhouse, at LUC Film Bingo, or online at

Check out the trailer, you’ll be glad that you did: