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Festival Final Day: Short Film prize and Wildlike

Now that we have managed to calm down and thaw out after last night’s marvellous Evil Dead 2 screening in the Foundry Wood – LUC turns it’s attention to the two closing events of the 2015 festival.

Film prize POSTER 1000PXAt 5pm we will be holding the 3rd LUC Short Film Prize at the Spa Centre Cinema, we will be screening the 8 best films submitted to the festival this year, one of which will be winning the £1000 prize. Alongside the shorts there will be a film quiz hosted by the wonderful Frankie Griffiths. Tickets are £7 on the door or from

The films in the final are:

Juliet directed by Marc-Henri Boulier

Confession directed by Julien Colonna

Over & Over directed by Matthew ‘WW’ Jones & Luke Skinner

Goran directed by Roberto Santaguida

dark_net directed by Tom Marshall

Quiescence directed by Tania Cattebeke

El Pescador/The Fisherman directed by Javier Chillon

They Will All Die In Space directed by Javier Chillon

As a special bonus we will also be opening the event with a selection of the shortlisted films from our 60 seconds max competition from earlier in the year.

Wildlike FEST POSTER 1000pxAt 8pm (also at the Spa Centre Cinema) the LUC Festival 2015 closes with a screening of the brilliant, independent, award-winning drama Wildlike – don’t miss this rare screening of a film that has won over 40 prizes at Festivals around the world. Tickets are just £5 on the door.

Supporting this screening are the following shorts selected as part of the LUC Short Film prize 2015

Game Of Life directed by Agnes Vialleton

Juliet directed by Marc-Henri Boulier

Latito directed by Ieva Padagaite


One Month Left To Enter 60 Seconds Max

Plenty of time left to make and submit your entry to our first 60 Seconds Max contest, for films of any type or genre up to 1 minute long. It is just £2 to enter and the best film will win £250! Check out the details and submit via the filmfreeway web site.

60 seconds max flyer

60 SECONDS MAX Announcements Competition events LUC FESTIVAL 2015

60 SECONDS MAX – a very short film contest with a £250 prize

Can you do it in a minute?

Leamington Underground Cinema presents a brand new (very) short film competition. At the end of June 2015 we will award the first ever LUC 60 SECONDS MAX trophy and a prize of £250 to the best film submitted with a running time of one minute or less.

We want films of any genre in any style and by any filmmaker. Submissions are open until the 13th June, it costs £2 ($3) to submit a film and you can enter as many times as you like.

The ten best films submitted will be screened at an event in Leamington Spa on Saturday 27th June – the winner as chosen by our elite panel of film experts will walk off with a unique trophy and £250 (which is about $370 at the time of writing)

The top ten will also be screened during the third Leamington Underground Cinema festival which runs from 7th-14th November 2015.

For more info check out the competition page on this site, or visit the submission page on film freeway by clicking the button below:

60 seconds max flyer

Announcements Competition

New LUC short film contest coming very soon…

Top Five Facts about our forthcoming short film competition:

1. This is a competition for films of 1 minute length or less based on one of these three themes: “Leamington”, “Underground” or “Cinema”
2. The first prize will be £200, it will cost £2 to enter.
3. Submissions will be open during April and May.
4. Any genre welcome – bonus points if you can invent a new one.
5. The winner will be crowned at an event during June 2015.

All the more formal information will be up here on the LUC web site soon, but you should probably get cracking on your entries right now.

Announcements Competition film making LUC Festival LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013



Here are the 85 short films that we will be screening during the first LUC Festival. There were well over 500 entries – we would like to have selected more of them, but due to constraints relating to time, money, logistics and the continued sanity of the organisers this just wasn’t feasible. Thanks to everyone who entered, please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get in – if all goes well in September UC will do this again next year so there will be more chances to submit.

Each film will be shown at one of the exciting events during the week of the festival, this detailed programme is currently being worked using advanced techniques involving scraps of paper and arguing. Details will be published before the end of September. If you want to come to your screening let us know and we will save you a seat.

All of the films on this list are currently being evaluated by an elite subset of our judging panel to reach a final short-list. These finalists will be screened on the 29th of September at the Spa Centre Cinema – where one of them will win the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013 and possibly more importantly, £1000 in cold hard cash. We solemnly promise that there will not be a giant comedy cheque involved.

Anyway here is the official short film prize selection for the first Leamington Underground Cinema Festival…



1 Night In Hackney

John Brown

Kernel Panic

Martin O’Leary


Stuart Elliott


Ben Kersey

Not Far From Here

Tessa Garland

Man vs Sand

Prano Bailey-Bond

Bird’s Eye View

Steven Twigg


Steve Simmons

Lost Every Day

Michelle Coomber


Charley Packham


enJoy film (Bob de Broise & Elizabeth Holly Hurt)

Two Persons Max

Billie Vee


Daniel Spence

Don’t Do the Right Thing

Jamie Oliphant

The Futility Of War

Sam Baron

Dust & Waltz

Darren Bransford

The Umbrella Factory

Lexie Trivundza

I Miss You

Katy Davis

Transference Of Empathy

Caroline Hopkins


Harry Gilliatt


John Michell

A Contradiction

Steven Dorrington


Santoshmohan Veeranki


Alexei Slater

After School Club

Danny Stack

Dawid and Dominik

Andy Salamonczyk


Saskia Quax

I’ll Call You Back

Mark Kuczewski

The Profit

Ross Turner


Alex Taylor


Jay Taylor


Joe McGowan


shan ng


Patrick Loy


Nida Manzoor

Coming Alive

Jaha Browne


Ben Gutteridge

The Fifth

Rory Langdon-Down


Charlotte George

Racing Time

Adele Myers & Ra Page


Andrew McGinnigle

Lean On me

Gavin Butler

Stand & Deliver

Paul Nash


James Kwan

The Phone Box

Ian Robertson

Wild Life

Kevin Maynard

Why You Should Never Feed a Hedgehog… Milk

Emma Nisbet

The Robbery

Phil Reynolds


Mark Trifunovic


Don Carey


Chris Forshaw

Lidice Shall Die

Nicola Winstanley

Skin Deep

Isabel Steuble-Johnson

Step Right Up

Benjamin Bee


Ged Hunter

The Blood of the Bear

Lottie Kingslake

Professor Kliq – Plastic & Flashing Lights



Alex James

The Provocateur

Lauren Midwinter

The Hungry Corpse

Gergely Wootsch


Michiel Knops


Sam Wildman

The Arsehole Gene

Eric Romero

Jazzball: An Urban Odyssey

Ian Jones

I’d Rather Have A Memory Than A Dream

Matt Strachan


Fin McMorran


A D Cooper

I’ll Be Here All Night

Andrew Parkhill


Nathan Hughes-Berry


Dave Lojek

Dinner with Monster

Jay Jihyun Kim


James Root

Static Detachment

Jack D’Souza-Toulson

Alive in Time

Douce Ogier d’ Ivry


Jack Van Spall



Nobody knows

Eva Münnich

Ave Maria

Skip Shea


Kuesti Fraun

Refugio 115

Ivan Villamel

Twiller Parkour #2

Morgan Miller

Decapoda Shock

Javier Chillon


Alexander Thomas

This Way Up

Spike Morris

Talent Show ’58

Nathan Moore

Announcements LUC Festival LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

LUC Short Film Prize Update

I really like watching films – which is just as well. There have now been  over 250 submissions to the first LUC short film prize, with all sorts of genres and styles represented. With nearly two months left until the deadline we already have a great set of films to choose from, but keep them coming – LUC wants to make Leamington Spa the home of cool short films from 23rd – 29th September.

The task of evaluating and selecting the films that we want to screen is well underway. LUC is starting to get in touch with the film makers whose work has been selected – but with the volume of films we have this is going to take a while, so I thought I’d post some quick summary points for everyone who is waiting to hear:

When will I found out of my film has been selected?

LUC has already started to contact filmmakers whose work that we would like to screen, but this is going to take a while and without a better understanding of quantum physics and some sort of time machine it will be hard for us to select work that we haven’t received yet. So the main point to note is that LUC will be in touch about all films that are being invited screen at the festival by Friday August 9th. If it gets to August 10th and we haven’t been in contact then your film hasn’t been selected.

Will I get feedback on why my film wasn’t selected?

As the LUC Short Film Prize isn’t charging an entry fee, the volume of films, coupled with our comparatively meagre resources means that it isn’t going to be possible to give feedback on individual submissions. However you really shouldn’t take it as any sort of rejection, you are all winners in my eyes – however, the following are the main reasons that your film didn’t get in:

1. It doesn’t fit with the LUC feel or the Festival programme, this is down to our editorial choices and not the quality or content of your film.

2. It may well have been ace, but there were other films that were even ace-er.

3. In some cases, some films had a few technical issues, most commonly to do with clarity of sound.

4. To be honest in some cases, we just didn’t really enjoy it. But who cares what we think? You shouldn’t, that’s for sure.

Where and when will my Magnus Opus be hitting the screen?

The main programme for the festival is being prepared for the end of June – this programme will contain slots for short film submissions to be screened. These will either be

1. …at specific short film screenings

2. …as part of other events during the festival

3. …as support for a feature screening during the festival

As soon as we have an idea of where your film will fit in we will let you know – the full detailed programme, including all shorts will be published by the 1st September.

How will I know if I am one of the lucky finalists?

All finalists will be informed of their elite status during the first week of September. The best film will be awarded the £1000 prize at the gala, red-carpet, glitzy final event on Sunday 29th September. Each film in the final will get one free ticket to this event.

Competition LUC Festival LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

Short Film Prize – Keep them coming

If you follow LUC on twitter, I should probably apologise. The last few weeks have seen me shamelessly punting around the details of the first LUC short film prize to the great and good of the twitter film community.

All this shamelessness has been well worth it though, via lots of re-tweeting (and what people will actually call ‘Virality’ with a straight face) the message has got around and we already have loads of ace entries for the film fest, all in with a chance of scooping the thousand pound first prize.

One of the great things about organising a film festival is that you get to watch tons of films and I’ve really enjoyed the diverse and entertaining shorts that have been entered so far – thanks to everyone who has already submitted their work.

However, with a squeaky-bum inducing entire week programme to fill, we still need plenty more cool, interesting and original short films – so spread the word to all your filmmaking family, friends and maybe even an enemy or two. The deadline for submissions is 2nd of August, so still plenty of time to finish off, or maybe even start work on your sub-ten minute masterpiece.

To enter your film, visit the dedicated page on this very site, check out the rudimentary rules and use the form to enter – with any luck your film will be on a big screen somewhere in Leamington Spa during the week of 23rd-29th September.

Announcements Competition film making LUC Festival LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Short Film Competition – £1000 prize

Hot on the heels of the announcement of LUC’s unique SCORE-CRAZY! competition, our glorious central committee is delighted to tell the world that we will be giving away another thousand quid for the best film entered into the LEAMINGTON UNDERGROUND CINEMA SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013.

The competition is free to enter and is open to any short film, of any genre made from 2010 onwards. The best films will be selected to be screened during the LUC Festival during the week of 23rd-29th September – with a shortlist of ten being shown at a big gala final on the 29th. The winner as selected by our shadowy, elite panel of judges will win the first prize of a grand.

The best part is, unlike most festivals and competitions: THERE IS NO ENTRY FEE 

Entries are open now, the submission deadline is 2nd August. Full details of how to enter and an entry form can be found on the competition page on this here site. Any questions, queries or attempts at disgraceful bribery and corruption can be sent to

All sorts of posters and PR will be appearing in the next few weeks, but for now, please let anyone know that you think might be interested – and get making that amazing short film that you’ve been planning for years.

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LUC Festival Update 2: Got a date: 22-28 July

After looking at lots of calendars detailing local and national events, consulting the tarot, reading the leaves and trying to avoid coinciding with any particularly compelling forecasts of the apocalypse – I’ve settled on the week of 22nd-28th July 2013 for the inaugural Leamington Underground Cinema Festival.

Currently waiting to hear back from venues and making initial enquiries with film companies about some of the cult films I’m keen to include in the programme. Even at this early stage, I can tell this is going to be a bit of an ordeal – mostly because with some of the films I’m after it is hard to find out who has the copyright and in some cases, it seems that there is no Uk distributor. All good fun though.

I’m also going to be hitting up some local, and maybe not so local businesses to see if they would like to help with sponsorship – especially in terms of the prize for the short film competition. So if you fit in one of those categories I’ll be getting in touch.

Also thinking of a small kickstarter campaign to help pay for printing, advertising and other logistics – if anyone has any experience or advice about crowd-funding give me a shout.

More very soon.

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LUC Festival Update 1: And so it begins…

underground sign constructionSo anyway, I decided that this year would be the ideal time to expand Leamington Underground Cinema’s scope of operations – from one off events in cinemas, pubs and dark corners of the internet – into a fully fledged film festival right here in Leamington Spa.

Since briefly mentioning this in a few places I’ve had lots of really positive feedback and plenty of people want to get involved – so I’m now in the process of all sorts of planning, brainstorming and list-making.

The plan at the moment is to pick a weekend in late July/August (nailing down the date is unsurprisingly near the top of the to-do list) and put on the following:

  • Screenings of some hand-picked picked cult features, including at least one epic double bill
  • A short film competition, providing lots of shorts to screen at venues across the weekend
  • A gala LUC night, involving the best of the short film competition (including awards) and the legendary LUC film quiz
  • A musical soiree for local acts to perform their own interpretations of famous film music

There are plenty more ideas but that will do for now. If you’ve already expressed an interest I’ll be in touch to have a chat very soon. I am going to need plenty of help, so…

  • If you are someone who runs/owns/has the keys for a venue in Leamington (or nearby, lets not be all parochial about this) who would like to be part of this, give me a shout.
  • Anyone working in the media who would like to spread the word, feel free – I’ll have press releases at some point but in the meantime get in touch or check back here for regular updates.
  • Any filmmakers with something you would like to screen, you can use the Submit to LUC page on this site, or get in touch if your film is not on-line.
  • If you are in a band who would like to play some soundtrack action – get rehearsing and let me know.
  • If you are an enthusiastic, film loving type of person who fancies getting involved in helping to organise, run or attend the first LUC festival, please get in touch.

Best ways to contact me are via the contact LUC form on this site, via the LUC Facebook Page, or @LeamUCinema on twitter.

I’ll be blogging about (hopefully) how well this is all going as regularly as I can, so expect more poorly formatted, bullet point riddled posts soon. Probably involving an actual date.