American movie POSTER 1000pxAfter last night’s journey into cinematic bewilderment, LUC will be at St Patrick’s Irish Club this evening with a programme focused on the fine art of filmmaking.

First up we have three shorts selected for the LUC Short Film Prize 2015 with a local flavour:

Digbeth – A Hundred Thousand Welcomes directed by Andy Howlett

Kids In Brick Houses directed by Olivia Cole

Part Time directed by Nick Leek

Then we will be screening the four entries to our first ever 48 hour film challenge – the audience will be voting for the winner tonight!

The entries are:

The Choice by team Body In The Box Productions

A Deadly Addiction by team Low Hanging Boom

Africa by team Akira

The Thief and Her by team Les Sacs En plastique

After all that excitement, we will be screening the brilliant documentary American Movie. In this cult-favorite Mark Borchardt, an aspiring filmmaker from a working-class Wisconsin background, is set on finishing his low-budget horror movie despite a barrage of difficulties. Plagued by lack of cash, unreliable help and numerous personal problems, Mark wants to complete the film to raise funds for a more ambitious drama. With the assistance of his bumbling but loyal friend Mike Schank, Mark struggles to move forward, making for plenty of bittersweet moments.

Tickets for this marvellous event will be just £5 on the door


9th January Piercing Brightness + The Field

PIERCINGBRIGHTNESSA4 800pxLeamington Underground Cinema is delighted to present a very special screening of ace sci-fi art flick Piercing Brightness – supported by enigmatic short The Field.

Piercing Brightness is the tale of two extra-terrestrial visitors sent to recover the ‘Glorious 100’, agents who have been studying earth for thousands of years.

In The Field a romantic picnic goes awry when a couple find themselves trapped and unable to leave. Forced to confront the cracks in their relationship they slowly descend into a bitter web of jealousy, petty recriminations and violence.

Both are the work of Leamington Spa native Kirk Lake (Screenwriter and Producer respectively), who will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

This screening will take place at Leamington LAMP on Thursday 9th January, with the films kicking off around 7.30pm. For those who like to tell the world what they are up to there is a FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE.

This will be the first of our revolutionary ‘Pay What You Like’ events, as the name suggests you can pay as much or as little as you want for your evening’s entertainment. Your ongoing level of karma may be affected.