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After sticking their heads above ground for the cinematic jamboree of the LUC Festival 2015 – our bunker staff have retreated back to our subterranean lair to prepare the broadcast of another Remote Control Film Night.

For the uninitiated, this is a free one-night film event that you can enjoy from wherever you happen to be as long as you are connected to the internet in some way – pc, laptop, game console, phone, tablet or experiment cranial implant – any will do.

From 7.45 (UK Time) the LUC facebook page and twitter feed (@LeamUCinema) will be punting out all sorts of short film treats for you to enjoy, as well as some competitive and creative interactive elements for you all to join in with and pretend that you are actually out socialising instead of sitting in front of the TV in your underwear.

You can join in at any time during the evening, but we recommend that if you want to join in fully then you have the following ready in good time:

– Plenty to drink
– suitably unhealthy snacks/dominos flyer
– a clear path to the toilet, or bucket
– some plain paper/card and at least one pen, other art materials if you have them
– an elastic band or some string
-first aid kit


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Festival Final Day: Short Film prize and Wildlike

Now that we have managed to calm down and thaw out after last night’s marvellous Evil Dead 2 screening in the Foundry Wood – LUC turns it’s attention to the two closing events of the 2015 festival.

Film prize POSTER 1000PXAt 5pm we will be holding the 3rd LUC Short Film Prize at the Spa Centre Cinema, we will be screening the 8 best films submitted to the festival this year, one of which will be winning the £1000 prize. Alongside the shorts there will be a film quiz hosted by the wonderful Frankie Griffiths. Tickets are £7 on the door or from

The films in the final are:

Juliet directed by Marc-Henri Boulier

Confession directed by Julien Colonna

Over & Over directed by Matthew ‘WW’ Jones & Luke Skinner

Goran directed by Roberto Santaguida

dark_net directed by Tom Marshall

Quiescence directed by Tania Cattebeke

El Pescador/The Fisherman directed by Javier Chillon

They Will All Die In Space directed by Javier Chillon

As a special bonus we will also be opening the event with a selection of the shortlisted films from our 60 seconds max competition from earlier in the year.

Wildlike FEST POSTER 1000pxAt 8pm (also at the Spa Centre Cinema) the LUC Festival 2015 closes with a screening of the brilliant, independent, award-winning drama Wildlike – don’t miss this rare screening of a film that has won over 40 prizes at Festivals around the world. Tickets are just £5 on the door.

Supporting this screening are the following shorts selected as part of the LUC Short Film prize 2015

Game Of Life directed by Agnes Vialleton

Juliet directed by Marc-Henri Boulier

Latito directed by Ieva Padagaite



You know the drill, join us on facebook or twitter from 7.30pm tonight (Thursday 2nd July) for a bunch of cool, online film delights. For the uninitiated, please study the following guidance.

guidance form JULY 2015


Cthulhu Awakes on Saturday Night!

CthulhuDon’t our very special live soundtrack event tomorrow, Saturday 6th October at North Hall, Spencer Yard in Leamington.

As well as our unique screening of The Call Of Cthulhu (with a specially written score performed by a supergroup of local musical stars) there will be a selection of short film treats. These will include Golden, winner of the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014 and The Field, produced by Kirk Lake.

Tickets are still available online from wegottickets.

…or it will be £5 on the door.

We will be deploying LUC personnel onto Spencer Street to point you in the right direction, as the venue is slightly tucked away. Check this map to give you an idea of where North Hall is located.

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Short Film Prize Selection Announcement

Just minutes ago, a bearded, pale skinned, malnourished member of the short film selection panel, crawled from their sealed viewing chamber. Wheezing heavily, the bloodshot eyes that had taken in around 1800 entries gazed pleadingly towards the sleeping quarters. An unkempt hand held out a scrappy piece of A4 on which were scribbled (in what we hope is ink) the names of the 33 short films selected to screen at the LUC Festival – one of which will win the Aspect Consultants LUC Short Film Prize 2014.

More info soon, but now that the panel have been a whole five hours off, we’ve managed to decipher the selection document and list the short films that we’ll be screening below…

Film Title Submitted By
Double Act Ding Shiwei
Amateurs Yoo In-cheol
Jump Robert Dawes
The Low Road, Baby Mark Roeder
Enlightenment Marat Narimanov
The Man From Arctica Nils J. Nesse
Schrödinger’s Bed Michael Murnau
Skeleton Key Meredith Nolan
Happy Memories Jack Fields
Studies on Hysteria Felix Ruple
Pins Kimberly Brown
Old Dog, New Tricks Oscar Udbye
Banana Skins Matt McCooey
im.promp.tu Michael Slobodian
TRIP Paulista Marcia Beatriz Granero
Providence Sam Amos
Stifle John Hennessy
BZz Luca Fattore
Renewing Mikael Joonas Makkonen
10ml I.V. Andrew Gillman
Timothy Marc Martínez Jordán
A Perfect Day Oguzhan Kaya
Lost Cubert Jakob Schmidt
Golden Simon Ball
Free Will Quentin Pointillart
Travis Stephen French
Provisoire Anthony Cajan
Das Katzenjammertal Ara Jo
La Fille aux Feuilles Marina Rosset
Richie Andy Salamonczyk
Love in the City Emanuele Michetti
Hybris Arjan Brentjes
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Tonight! Altoria! Underground Shorts!

Following last night’s barn-storming, sweat-producing, mid-way screen-adjusting opening salvo – the LUC festival moves on to Altoria for another evening of cool short films.

LUCFEST ALTORIA COMPLETE 1000pxThe 90 minute programme contains such varied treats as marriage counselling, armed robbery, saucy internet chat rooms, clowns, rabbits and the end of the world. So something for everyone.

All of the films shown tonight were submitted for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013 which will be awarded to one lucky filmmaker on Sunday 29th September at the Spa Centre Cinema.

Following the shorts tonight there will also be some film music action and thanks to our hosts at Altoria – the whole thing is entirely free. LUC Festival Operatives will be on hand selling tickets for our week-end events as well as providing the opportunity to get your hands on some cool LUC posters for just a couple of quid.

If you couldn’t make it along last night – or were forced to peer in through the door due to the fantastic turn out – here is a marvellous review from Ben Veasey of the first night.

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LUC Festival Begins Tonight!

LucFestivalPosterOne 1000pxRight, this is getting serious.

The LUC Festival Operatives have all been briefed, issued with cyanide capsules and deployed into the field. The PR department have been give a crate of red bull and locked in our social media dungeon. Meanwhile the logistics department have as one curled into a foetal position and started asking for their mum.

It can mean only one thing: the first Leamington Underground Cinema Festival is almost upon us.

Kicking off tonight, LUC presents a week of cinematic entertainment and diversion, six months in the making. We can’t wait to unleash the six cool features and 85 (!) fantastic short films across the town of Leamington Spa at a variety of generous, well appointed venues.

Speaking of tonight, we are opening our first festival with a real treat, The Secret Society Of Fine Arts, a unique, compelling and visually stunning tale of art and terrorism – screening COMPLETELY FOR FREE at Leamington’s slightly secret, and very arty Live Arts and Music Project aka LAMP.

Prior to the feature we will be screening a selection of art/experimental shorts from the selection for the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013. These short films kick off at 7.30pm sharp, there will be a short intermission to take full advantage of LAMP’s fine selection of beverages before the main feature screening. Join us earlier for a drink and the chance to buy tickets for some of the other festival events. Oh and there will be popcorn too.


Festival Spotlight No. 2: Underground Shorts at Altoria

LUCFEST ALTORIA COMPLETE 1000pxSome people think popcorn. Others prefer a hotdog. Some poor, misguided, unsanitary souls even think cheesy nachos are an acceptable choice – but really, the best thing to enjoy with a film is booze.

Which means that it is very exciting to announce that as part of the LUC festival, the well appointed Altoria on Warwick Street will be providing an exclusive bar-based screening of 90 minutes of exceptionally cool short films, all submitted for the LUC Short Film Prize.

The programme on Tuesday 24th September includes a broad range of drama, comedy, thrillers and even some dramatic comedy thrillers. Subjects covered include edgy criminals, randy rabbits, saucy webcam action and even a brand new urban sport.

There will even be some exciting film music DJ action a the conclusion of the cinematic programme.

How much are tickets for this fine event?

Nothing. Nada. Zero!

Yes, thanks to the marvellous people at Altoria this very special event will be FREE ENTRY so get down early to snag a seat and a glass or two of something refreshing.

The films will start at 8.00pm. There is a Facebook page for this event here: LUC Festival – Underground Shorts at Altoria

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Film Club – Tomorrow at LAMP – FREE ENTRY

Get down to LAMP tomorrow for a whole bunch of reprehensible cinematic treats gathered from the darkest corners of the internet.

Doors 7pm, films start at 8, maximum level of offence estimated for just after 9.15pm.

Brace yourselves.


Announcements Competition film making LUC Festival LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013



Here are the 85 short films that we will be screening during the first LUC Festival. There were well over 500 entries – we would like to have selected more of them, but due to constraints relating to time, money, logistics and the continued sanity of the organisers this just wasn’t feasible. Thanks to everyone who entered, please don’t be discouraged if you didn’t get in – if all goes well in September UC will do this again next year so there will be more chances to submit.

Each film will be shown at one of the exciting events during the week of the festival, this detailed programme is currently being worked using advanced techniques involving scraps of paper and arguing. Details will be published before the end of September. If you want to come to your screening let us know and we will save you a seat.

All of the films on this list are currently being evaluated by an elite subset of our judging panel to reach a final short-list. These finalists will be screened on the 29th of September at the Spa Centre Cinema – where one of them will win the LUC SHORT FILM PRIZE 2013 and possibly more importantly, £1000 in cold hard cash. We solemnly promise that there will not be a giant comedy cheque involved.

Anyway here is the official short film prize selection for the first Leamington Underground Cinema Festival…



1 Night In Hackney

John Brown

Kernel Panic

Martin O’Leary


Stuart Elliott


Ben Kersey

Not Far From Here

Tessa Garland

Man vs Sand

Prano Bailey-Bond

Bird’s Eye View

Steven Twigg


Steve Simmons

Lost Every Day

Michelle Coomber


Charley Packham


enJoy film (Bob de Broise & Elizabeth Holly Hurt)

Two Persons Max

Billie Vee


Daniel Spence

Don’t Do the Right Thing

Jamie Oliphant

The Futility Of War

Sam Baron

Dust & Waltz

Darren Bransford

The Umbrella Factory

Lexie Trivundza

I Miss You

Katy Davis

Transference Of Empathy

Caroline Hopkins


Harry Gilliatt


John Michell

A Contradiction

Steven Dorrington


Santoshmohan Veeranki


Alexei Slater

After School Club

Danny Stack

Dawid and Dominik

Andy Salamonczyk


Saskia Quax

I’ll Call You Back

Mark Kuczewski

The Profit

Ross Turner


Alex Taylor


Jay Taylor


Joe McGowan


shan ng


Patrick Loy


Nida Manzoor

Coming Alive

Jaha Browne


Ben Gutteridge

The Fifth

Rory Langdon-Down


Charlotte George

Racing Time

Adele Myers & Ra Page


Andrew McGinnigle

Lean On me

Gavin Butler

Stand & Deliver

Paul Nash


James Kwan

The Phone Box

Ian Robertson

Wild Life

Kevin Maynard

Why You Should Never Feed a Hedgehog… Milk

Emma Nisbet

The Robbery

Phil Reynolds


Mark Trifunovic


Don Carey


Chris Forshaw

Lidice Shall Die

Nicola Winstanley

Skin Deep

Isabel Steuble-Johnson

Step Right Up

Benjamin Bee


Ged Hunter

The Blood of the Bear

Lottie Kingslake

Professor Kliq – Plastic & Flashing Lights



Alex James

The Provocateur

Lauren Midwinter

The Hungry Corpse

Gergely Wootsch


Michiel Knops


Sam Wildman

The Arsehole Gene

Eric Romero

Jazzball: An Urban Odyssey

Ian Jones

I’d Rather Have A Memory Than A Dream

Matt Strachan


Fin McMorran


A D Cooper

I’ll Be Here All Night

Andrew Parkhill


Nathan Hughes-Berry


Dave Lojek

Dinner with Monster

Jay Jihyun Kim


James Root

Static Detachment

Jack D’Souza-Toulson

Alive in Time

Douce Ogier d’ Ivry


Jack Van Spall



Nobody knows

Eva Münnich

Ave Maria

Skip Shea


Kuesti Fraun

Refugio 115

Ivan Villamel

Twiller Parkour #2

Morgan Miller

Decapoda Shock

Javier Chillon


Alexander Thomas

This Way Up

Spike Morris

Talent Show ’58

Nathan Moore