The Masochist Film Club presents… OVER THE TOP on 14th September

Our grubby disreputable off-shoot, the Masochist Film Club, presents the sweaty, awkward, cocaine-fuelled mess that is 1987’s Over The Top.

Join Sylvester Stallone as truck driver Lincoln Hawk, on a journey to re-connect with his estranged son, whilst also trying to win a fortune (and a new truck) through the surprisingly popular world of competitive arm wrestling.

Over the top Mantzoukas quoteRacking up an impressive three nominations at the Golden Raspberry Awards, Over The Top is a film that is far, far, far worse than you may remember. Stallone only agreed to do it when he got offered a record $12 million, although as he has a writing credit he should probably shoulder some of the blame.

Featuring acting that would make a drama teacher self harm, sub-plots that make less sense than Kanye West’s performance at Glastonbury and the kind of parenting that should end up with at least one person in prison, Over The Top is a crazed treat for the discerning film masochist.

Tickets for this intimate screening on Monday 14th Septemberat the Town House will be just £5 each, either in advance or on the door. Space is limited so get in quick to avoid disappointment. You can grab them right now from

Here, in all of its glory is the trailer…